Upcoming PC Game Releases in 2021

Upcoming PC Game Releases in 2021

By  Declan Barry - 1st Jan 2021

It’s time to look forward to the exciting titles launching in the next 12 months

Upcoming PC Game Releases in 2021

It’s the first full year of next-gen titles, and for us PC gamers there are plenty of games that we cannot wait to boot up on our machines.

We’ll be starting the year off in style with the finale of Agent 47’s World of Assassination, before playing through a LEGO take on the complete Skywalker Saga, and fighting zombies in the next edition of the legendary Resident Evil series. 

The release schedule for 2021 is looking to be one of the most exciting years in recent gaming history, and here are our top picks of games you should be adding eagerly anticipating.

EVERSPACE 2 - January 18, 2021

2017’s EVERSPACE was a massive hit with over 500,000 players on Steam. The space-shooter game combined fast-paced combat with roguelike elements to make one cool game.

Dog-fighting games have seen a recent resurgence thanks to games such as STAR WARS: Squadrons, and EVERSPACE 2 promises players the ability not just to fly around a beautifully crafted universe, but to uncover secrets and mysteries in a campaign where high risks mean high rewards.

These rewards will also give special gear to take your piloting to the next level, as you customize your private collection of ships ready for the next objective.

HITMAN 3 - January 20, 2021

Agent 47 is gunning for Providence in HITMAN 3. The finale of the ‘World of Assassination’, which started in 2016, has spanned three titles continues the story of our favorite hitman, and sees 47 travel to Dubai, China, and the English countryside, amongst other locations.

Like in HITMAN 2, you will be able to play the previous levels in the trilogy with the new features and weapons.

IO Interactive is also building upon the sandbox gameplay by putting players into the eyes and gloves of one of the world’s deadliest assassins in a new Virtual Reality mode.

Little Nightmares II - February 11, 2021

We were lucky enough to get our hands on Little Nightmares II late last year and we were impressed with what we saw.

Building upon the award-nominated 2017 horror game, the sequel contains the outstanding visual and audio design that made the first so popular. This time around we take control of a boy named Mono as he tries to reach The Signal Tower in Pale City.

If you loved Six from the first game though, don’t worry as she will accompany us on the journey by providing help in certain puzzles.

Throughout the game, you will be escaping from creepy villains in dark environments full of suspense. But this time around, the platforming isn’t the only thing you’ll have to contend with - thanks to conveniently placed weapons-making combat a big part of the gameplay. However, this is methodical and timing-based, meaning you’ll have to make sure every hit counts!

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- - April 9, 2021

The 2D Japanese fighting series Guilty Gear has a long history of providing competitive combat with the first game released in 1998. Fast forward 22 years and the franchise uses a rollback netcode that is so advanced that it is one of the most popular fighting games for ESports tournaments.

-STRIVE- will continue the story of the previous mainline games with 14 confirmed fighters so far. As well as two non-playable characters.

HUMANKIND - April 22, 2021

From AMPLITUDE Studios, HUMANKIND is a new SEGA-published strategy title based where you will be re-writing the narrative of human history.

Within the game, you will be creating your own leader and combining up to 60 historical cultures throughout the ages to face historical events and make moral decisions that will impact the future of the world.

Large battles on the land, sea, or in the air allowing you to grow your influence and could last multiple turns.With them playing out like a mini turn-based board game on the world map.

Everything we’ve seen so far makes for an interesting game full of choice, with every playthrough unique and full of the depth that makes the strategy genre so immersive.

DEATHLOOP - May 21, 2021

It’s assassin v assassin in a game created by the developers of Dishonored.

In DEATHLOOP, you will be hunting down eight targets on an island where you’ll be fast shooting, quick-moving, and full of powers that will make you a threat to anybody. With every death of yours causing the time loop to kick in and the day to start over.

It’s not all shooting enemies though. You’ll have to traverse the land in a challenge to your free-running abilities as you race against time to hunt down the targets, whilst avoid being killed by the assassin chasing you.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Spring 2021

The popular LEGO games have taken on some massive franchises, including Harry Potter, MARVEL, and, of course, STAR WARS. Each game brings a unique take of slapstick comedy, gags, and charm to a well-known title that both adults and children alike love to play.

The Skywalker Saga is a revisit of the first seven Star Wars films for the LEGO series, but remade from the ground up! Whilst the classic adaption of the first six films in two sets were hugely popular in the early 00s, The Skywalker Saga is bringing real voice acting, new mechanics, and more humor in a brand-new take on these films. Whilst also tackling the sequel series in its entirety for the first time!

Unlike the previous games, the levels do not have to be completed in linear order with the hub an open-world that can lead to random encounters based on the current period that you are playing in.

If this isn’t enough Star Wars for you, then there are up to 500 characters to collect and play as! Including forgotten Jedi Yaddle (the female Yoda), Blue Milk Luke Skywalker, and everybody’s favorite - Lobot.

Resident Evil Village - 2021

Set a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, you’ll be back as protagonist Ethan Winters in an all-new storyline for Resident Evil Village.

Just as the hero and his wife think their life is peaceful, series fan-favorite Chris Redfield throws Ethan back into a new, twisted nightmare full of action, zombies, and for the first time ever in a Resident Evil game - werewolves.

It’s been four years since we had a continuation of the story, but since then CAPCOM has released two remasters of the series, including the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rated Resident Evil 2

Village will be using the same engine created for 7 and then adapted in the remasters, so expect more gripping survival horror in glorious 4K.

Hello Neighbor 2 - 2021

The franchise beloved by YouTubers will return in 2021 with a full sequel to the 2017 game that has had over 30 million downloads.

The stealth horror game has already released a free Alpha on Steam that currently sits at ‘Very Positive’ reviews. Filled with new lore, an improved self-learning AI and a creepy creature that stalks you - in place of The Neighbor, the game is already being praised for adding more content than the previous title.

Within the sandbox experience, there will be more platforming than previously, and the ability to solve puzzles by combining items. Plus random in-game events that will test your creativity and adaptability under pressure.

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