New planes and Dogfight Mode arrive in Grand Theft Auto V

New planes and Dogfight Mode arrive in Grand Theft Auto V

What's new in Grand Theft Auto Online

New planes and Dogfight Mode arrive in Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games have unveiled a new plane, a new Adversary Mode and huge discounts for Grand Theft Auto V players in their recent announcement.

GTA Online gamers will now be able to take to the skies of Los Santos in an aircraft that pays homage to the glory days of aviation, the P-45 Nokota - which is now exclusively available at Warstock Cache & Carry. The latest aerial Adversary Mode - Dogfight - is also now available, in which opposing teams compete in a series of 1v1 shootouts to the death.

GTA Online discounts and bonuses

GTA Online discounts and bonuses

Here's the lowdown on the latest bonuses and discounts:

Dynasty 8

25% off Executive Office Renovations

25% off Executive Garage Renovations

25% off Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations


25% off Body Armor

25% off Ammo

Vehicles and customization savings

25% off the Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic)

25% off the Dune FAV (weaponized vehicle for both buy it now and trade price)

25% off Liveries (all vehicles)

25% off Bullet proof tires

25% off Vehicle armor (land vehicles and aircraft)

Ink Inc. and Blazing Tattoos

25% off all Smuggler's Run Tattoos

All savings and discounts listed run until November 13 2017

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