New Publisher Alert March 2023!

New Publisher Alert March 2023!

By  Nox - 30th Mar 2023

Check out our newest partner!

New Publisher Alert March 2023!

We're happy to introduce you to yet another publisher that has joined us! Meet our latest partner, Atomic Elbow. In order to properly show you their games, we've created a small summary for them! 

Switchball HD

In Switchball HD — previously known as Crazy Ball back in 2005 when it was originally released — you'll control a marble with the unique ability to change its properties, such as making it magnetic, being able to dash, or making it stronger so it can push heavy objects around. This will come in handy throughout the five different worlds — Skyworld, Iceworld, Caveworld, Cloudworld, and Lavaworld — and 30 levels that you'll have to complete. In each one, you'll find a ton of obstacles in your path, which will have you scratching your head at the physics-based puzzles. But there's a good reason to try to finish them as quickly as you can, as you'll be rewarded a medal depending on how well you do! 

Sir Whoopass: Immortal Death

Few things are more satisfying than a game with a good sense of humour! And if you're looking for some laughs while you save the world — one that YOU doomed — there's no better title to jump into than Sir Whoopass: Immortal Death

Jump into this phenomenal action-adventure open world and take control of a try-hard hero who — despite having a heart of gold — accidentally unleashes chaos and terror upon a utopian world through an unfortunate string of poor life choices! Now it's his job to bring peace once again by slaying beasts, exploring the world, and finding his true hero within! 

Make sure to check out Atomic Elbow for more phenomenal games!

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