New publisher alert, welcome Avalon Digital!

New publisher alert, welcome Avalon Digital!

By  Martin Heathe - 11th Oct 2023

We are excited to introduce the newest publisher to join the Fanatical family, Avalon Digital! Based in France, Avalon Digital is an independent publishing company with a passion for the domain of digital historical strategy gaming, working with different development studios working on niche games for PC and Mac. To give you an idea, here are a few examples:

New publisher alert, welcome Avalon Digital!

Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal - Pacific War Naval Warfare

World War II as a whole is such a massive collection of battles, alliances, theatres, and manoeuvres that it is easy to miss or forget about singular sections, such as the Pacific War, which was fought in eastern Asia, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and Oceania. In Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal - Pacific War Naval Warfare, you’ll be able to play through many iconic fights throughout the war and see if you have what it takes to achieve victory!

The game is played like a classic hex-and-counter digital wargame, with you picking a scenario, picking a side — either the US or Japan — and being given control of a set of carrier ships and outposts represented by counters. This begins a game of cat and mouse, where you try to figure out where your foes are via the use of scout planes before they find and sink you. Though it may seem simple at a glance, each turn is intense and may mean the difference between a successful raid or a downed fleet! Play against AI or other players online and see who is the true ruler of the seas!

SGS Afrika Korps

Another large theatre in the many, many battles of World War II is North Africa, where both the Axis and the Allies desperately fought to gain control of key resources and locations, such as the Suez Canal. Within these clashes, a few names that would ring throughout history were forged, such as the titular Afrika Korps led by the Desert Fox, the Erwin Rommel, and the cunning strategies of O’Connor and the Desert Rats! In SGS Afrika Korps, face these key battles and see if your strategies can tip the scales!

The game offers a number of scenarios of varying lengths, ranging from four to 42 turns. Command the Axis troops or lead the Allied forces and plan your moves carefully. Each unit is represented by a token, and the areas of North Africa are separated into spaces. Move a unit into an enemy token, a fight begins, move it into an unoccupied space, and it is taken over by your faction, easy enough! The game, however,  adds another layer of strategy with the use of cards. At the beginning of each turn, you draw cards and then use them in battle, in recruitment, or in movement! The cards can range from extra movement bonuses, extra troops and supplies, and an edge or safe retreat in battle! Finally, keep an eye on your supply lines… the best fighting force in the world cannot defeat hunger or the heat of the desert.

Battles For Spain

Taking a step, if only a small one, away from World War II, the Battles of Spain game takes part during the Spanish Civil War, fought between the Nationalist and Republican forces. Take part in the four major battles of the war and see if the battles will play out as history depicts or if your strategic wit and tactical mind will forge a new path!

Much like SGS Afrika Korps, the game is played on a map representing the theatre of war, and counters are used to represent the individual troops. Combatants take turns moving their forces and playing cards to get an edge, with opposing sides in the same area resulting in a battle! In addition to affecting unit movement and reinforcements, the cards can affect the weather, hindering aerial support, for example, and add a nice touch of additional strategy! Battles For Spain offers four different campaigns to play, each representing one of the major battles fought in the war: Guadalajara, Teruel, Mérida, and Ebro. Play against the AI or challenge your friends online!

War and Peace

Continuing our trend of stepping further back into the history of war, the next item on our list is one of note, as it is actually the port of the board game of the same name! In War and Peace, you fight in the many battles of the Napoleonic wars as either the titular French leader Napoleon Bonaparte in his conquest of Europe or resist his advances as Blucher, Kutuzov, the Duke of Wellington.

With Europe as your playing field, take control of your battalions, again represented by counters, and plan your moves carefully. Taking part in a turn-based system where each turn represents a month's time, players will need to manage their troops, their diplomatic alliances, and their means of production. Will you entrench your troops or force marches, and will you fight with arms, economy, or guerilla tactics? War and Peace offers many possibilities and strategies to attempt, including amphibious and airborne combat! If you have a hankering for a smaller bout, take on one of the individual battles. If, however, you want to experience a grand campaign, take on War and Peace, spanning the entirety of the Napoleonic wars!

Blocks!: Richard III

Our final stop on this Avalon Digital tour is our furthest step into warfare history, the Wars of the Roses. Back in the day of knights and chivalry, the question of who should be King was perilously unclear, with two great houses, that of Lancaster and York, vying for the throne. Pick a side and fight for the throne! Will the Mad King Henry VI prevail, or will the Duke of York change history?

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