New Shooter Games for Summer 2020 and Beyond

New Shooter Games for Summer 2020 and Beyond

By  Declan Barry - 7th Jul 2020

There are some big shooter games coming out this year

New Shooter Games for Summer 2020 and Beyond

From precision sniper shots to noob tubes, there’s no better way to get your blood pumping than jumping onto a shooter game and kicking ass. Whether it’s in a single-player outer-space adventure or online with your friends, there are games coming out that will test your aim. We will be taking you through our pick of shooter games coming out this summer and beyond. 

Valorant - June 2, 2020

Valorant is looking to take the eSports world by storm this summer. The 5v5 character-based tactical shooter has been getting high praise during the Alpha and BETA stage.

Riot Games are combining features from Counter-Strike and Overwatch to make a tactical shooter that will be both unique and familiar to players. You will get five agents at the start, with up to ten agents to unlock in total. Each has individual abilities that will provide their own playstyle. Whether you choose Omen and his stealthy ways or light up the enemies with Phoenix, each agent will have different abilities to make them feel unique. 

Agents will have a signature ability exclusive to them, which can be used once per round for free. Then there’s an ultimate ability that must be charged by getting kills or picking up orbs  - a bit like a killstreak. Then, in a Counter-Strike inspired move, there are two regular abilities that must be bought before each round.

What about maps, I hear you ask? Well, to keep things mixed there are four maps that will be available at launch, each giving you a different challenge. For instance, Bind is split into open zones, whereas you best watch your six on Haven as there are many corners that can lead to trouble. It’s expected that maps will be cycled with new ones added to the mix. Riot is planning to keep the game fresh for a long time!

Disintegration - June 16, 2020

Disintegration is the first game developed by V1 Interactive. The studio was founded by Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of Halo.

The sci-fi shooter puts you in control of a heavily weaponized Gravcycle - that’s a heavily armed, floating motorbike to you and me - in near-future earth. The plot centers around the fight against the Rayonne who are hellbent on wiping out the human race by combining the human brain with robots. You will command a group of outlaws whose aim is to keep the humans alive and stop the forced integration.  

There will be heavy Real Time Strategy elements to the game as you control your group in battle, as well as attacking the enemy yourself. Your troops will have special abilities that will have a cooldown, the same as your weapon. So it is all about balancing when you use things to maintain firepower throughout the battle.

A multiplayer mode is also in the game. The 5v5 matches will put players into several different roles that can harmonize to maximize strategy. Each player will take control of a gravcycle with support units, so expect a lot of kills, a lot of deaths and hopefully many wins in your two-round attack v defense matches.

Serious Sam 4 - August 2020

Serious Sam’s first mainline entry since 2011 will be releasing this August. Building upon the Serious Engine, the game promises to be the most chaotic in the franchise so far.

A new system allows over 10,000 enemies on the screen at one time, and if that’s not enough for you, then you’re just a very hard person to please.

In terms of the story, Serious Sam 4 will be a prequel, but that doesn’t mean weaker weapons. Sam Stone’s arsenal will be more deadly than before with the likes of the auto shotguns joining the fight, as well as the return of the iconic cannon - all of which can be upgraded too! 

Finishing moves will also be in the game, with these promising to up the goriness of the series. All of this is to stop the hordes of invaders from taking over Earth!

Speaking of the invaders, some classic enemies will return, but also there will be new enemies to blast such as the Brute Zealot who won’t hesitate to hit you for six with his Sledgehammer.

If slaying your way through the campaign isn’t enough, then don’t worry as there will be side quests that will keep you occupied, and also an ability to play in 4-player online co-op. If you do want to play with friends, don’t worry about it being too easy as there will be a modified difficulty for doing so. Keeping it hard, just as Sam would want it!

Crysis Remastered - 2020

Back in 2007 Crysis used to be the benchmark for PC gamers. Now in 2020, prepare your PCs to melt again alongside your Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch as the game will be Remastered. 

Not much has been shown about the game so far… apart from Nomad’s backside and some nice scenery, but there have been a lot of requests for the game as the reveal trailer demonstrated.

The Nanosuitted gameplay back in 2007 was a blast with the player gaining extra strength and speed, as well as an ability to cloak, and in 2020 we don’t expect it to be any different as Crytek is leaving the game as it is and remastering... NOT remaking it. Why change what isn’t broken after all?

Halo Infinite - Holidays 2020

The world’s favorite Spartan is back for the next chapter in the Halo franchise. Master Chief will be donning an upgrade to the iconic green armor for this Xbox One, Series X and PC game. However, don’t get excited just yet, PC players, as we’re not sure if it will be on Steam or if it will be an Xbox Game Pass exclusive.

Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries has confirmed the game will be a “Spiritual reboot” for the entire franchise, with a new engine to boot. So expect a refined game that focuses more on what players want, such as more Master Chief due to the negative reception of Spartan Locke in Halo 5.

There’s still a bit of time yet until launch, so there’s not too much more information about the gameplay, but it is meant to be “more human” than previous games. But in an Instagram post, it seems like it will also be “more dog” thanks to Gyoza the pug’s voice acting.

OUTRIDERS - Holidays 2020

If you want a shooter game to play co-op with your friends, then OUTRIDERS may be it! You will play with friends in drop in, drop out in three-player parties So prepare your squad.

The RPG shooter takes the intensity of frenetic gunplay and combines it with deep RPG systems to make a gameplay experience that you probably won’t see again this year.

You will get to pick between three different classes in the game - The Devastator who specialises in close range combat, the Pyromancer, who sprays fire from mid range and can heal your team; and the Trickster, who bends time to hit enemies from near at speed before retreating to heal. Each of these classes can then be upgraded using Class Points to buy Traits. 

These upgrades will be across unique trees specific to that class to give even more customisation. I can see why it’s being described as a RPG shooter now.

Now you may be wondering about the story, well it’s a new IP that has dark sci-fi themes. You will be part of a band of soldiers who, after being led to the planet Enoch by a mysterious signal, are corrupted by a force of unknown origins known as “The Anomaly” whilst trying to colonise the planet. After waking up after a long comatose period, you will find yourself altered by magical powers and on a search for the origin of the signal.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond - 2020

After an eight-year absence, the Medal of Honor series is back!

Taking place in Europe during World War II, you will be in the shoes of a French Resistance fighter. This time though, it’s near enough in their shoes as Above and Beyond will be the first Virtual Reality Medal of Honor game. 

In fact, it will be the most realistic game in the franchise to date as they interviewed several World War II veterans in the locations where the games are based in order to make it as accurate as possible. Now that’s attention to detail.

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