New Total War: WARHAMMER II DLC campaign revealed

New Total War: WARHAMMER II DLC campaign revealed

By  Sam Jones - 21st Dec 2017

A new enemy has awoken in the popular strategy game

New Total War: WARHAMMER II DLC campaign revealed

The new DLC for Total War: Warhammer II will feature a ferocious army of undead soldiers and monsters - The Tomb Kings.

Players will be scouring the map for the legendary Books of Nagash as part of the campaign's narrative, which allows you to research and uncover the mysteries of ancient Nehekharan Dynasties to further expand their armies, combine exotic trade goods and Canopic Jars – the Tomb Kings’ unique resource. These resources will grant you access to magic items and the ability to raise fabled Legions of Legend at the Mortuary Cult, as well as unlock the power of their unique rites to turn the tide of conflicts with powerful abilities.

The Tomb Kings will not be fighting for control of the Eye of the Vortex, main goal for the other four campaign races in WARHAMMER II, however they will feature in the Eye of the Vortex campaign and Mortal Empires.

About Rise of the Tomb Kings

The sand dunes that were once home to the Nehekhara now see legions of skeletal warriors and vast, terrifying constructs rise to serve their ageless masters. The Tomb Kings have awoken – to rebuild their glorious empire anew!

New to both the Eye of the Vortex campaign and Mortal Empires in Total War: WARHAMMER II, the Rise of the Tomb Kings Campaign Pack introduces a fresh campaign experience with a raft of race-specific gameplay mechanics, victory objectives and authentic lore. Taking to the battlefield, the Tomb Kings boast countless skeletal units, supported by towering stone constructs such as the Tomb Scorpion, Necrosphinx and the colossal Hierotitan.

Rise of the Tomb Kings' Legendary Lords


In response to player feedback, Creative Assembly has confirmed that Rise of the Tomb Kings does not contain a supplementary story campaign. Instead, the DLC has two additional Legendary Lords for a total of four, with their own skills, traits, quest-chains, legendary wargear and situational challenges.

Players may embark on Tomb Kings campaigns as Settra the Imperishable, Khalida, Khatep and Nagash's former lieutenant, the malignant Arkhan the Black.

Settra The Imperishable

King of all Tomb Kings, Settra is a ruthless leader whose thirst for conquest knows no bounds. Unlike other Tomb Kings, his unyielding will is such that he never needs to return to his sarcophagus to rest. The immortality he so desired in life is now his, and the civilizations that flourished in his absence now feel his wrath.

Settra can bring bonuses to growth and public order, while reducing construction time. He also confers bonus armor to Skeleton Chariot and Tomb Guard units, and has a selection of unlockable mounts which includes the Khemrian Warsphinx and the flame-wreathed Chariot of the Gods.

High Queen Khalida

The Warrior-Queen of Lybaras was known for her intelligence, honour and bravery - but her reign was cut tragically short by her cousin Neferata, who had attempted to create the Elixir of Life. Instead of true immortality, Neferata’s flawed potion granted the twisted form known as Vampirism, and as the first Vampire slew her cousin in combat, she granted her the Blood Kiss.

With her last breath, Khalida cried out to Asaph, the serpent goddess, who purified her of the taint. She is now the Goddess’ chosen, with Asaph’s divine venom coursing through her veins.

Khalida can reduce all forms of corruption, has a diplomatic relations bonus with other Tomb Kings factions, and grants a hefty bonus to ammunition for all ranged units across her faction. She also grants poison attacks on all units in her army and suffers considerably less from attrition effects.

Grand Hierophant Khatep

The head of the Mortuary Cult’s Hierophantic Council, Khatep is the oldest and wisest of the Liche Priests, and the first of them to deny death’s embrace. It was Khatep who awoke Settra to unlife after Nagash’s Great Ritual levelled Nehekhara, but Settra’s distrust of the Mortuary Cult led him to exile Khatep.

Now he roams the Land of the Dead, assisting the Tomb Kings where he can and seeking a way to restore himself in the eyes of Settra.

 Khatep grants a bonus to Dynasty research rate, and improves casualty replenishment and army movement faction-wide. He can also recruit a higher number of Liche Priest Heroes, and recruits them at a higher rank.

Arkhan the Black

Arkhan, Nagash’s principle lieutenant, helped lead the coup which brought the hated arch-necromancer to initial power. He led many armies against Nagash’s enemies, and was finally slain in a suicidal counter-attack against the Priest King’s soldiers that enabled Nagash to escape.

Raised again by his master to become the Liche King, Arkhan has vented his wrath on the lands of the living for countless generations since Nagash’s death at the hands of King Alcadizaar.

Arkhan uses bonus diplomatic relations with Vampire Counts factions, and his regions never suffer public order penalties from Vampiric corruption. Heroes embedded in his army are granted melee attack and melee defense bonuses, and all his armies faction-wide gain a boost to their Winds of Magic Power Reserve.

When is Rise of the Tomb Kings available?


Total War: WARHAMMER II – Rise of the Tomb Kings will be available to gamers from January 23rd 2018.

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