New Total War: Warhammer III trailer shows off The Daemon Prince

New Total War: Warhammer III trailer shows off The Daemon Prince

By  Guest - 25th Jan 2022

Details are released about the Daemon Prince and the ability to customize

New Total War: Warhammer III trailer shows off The Daemon Prince

We at Fanatical are extremely excited for the upcoming release of Total War: Warhammer III. To help make that excitement even more unbearable, Creative Assembly have shown us a new look at The Daemon Prince, a brand new race that’ll make you change your entire playstyle to something more…violent.

By Ryan Easby

Create your own avatar of chaos

Create your own avatar of chaos

The Daemon Prince is a surprising new addition to the Total War: Warhammer III that allows you to create your own avatar of chaos by using gifts from the gods to morph your body.

You’ll spend your time playing as The Daemon Prince absolutely annihilating the enemy, sacrificing captives, dedicating entire cities to the gods that blessed you. As you do, you’ll get boons and powers in the form of blessings that have an enormous effect on your playstyle.

You could get wings, a choker, a bird’s head, almost literally anything you want. It’s a race that encourages creativity and Creative Assembly have stated that there’s over 500 billion different options and iterations for how each prince can turn out.

To make your crusade easier, you can recruit units from across every chaos faction in the game which means you can have Khorne, Nurglings, Hellhounds and more, all working in unison to cause a huge amount of death and destruction across the lands of Total War: Warhammer III.

Want to know more, then head over to our specially designed Total War: Warhammer III page where we have more information about the 8 playable races, including the video showing off the customization options for the Daemon Prince. You are even able to name your Daemon, use Daemonic Glory to equip new arms, legs, tails, weapons, heads, basically every single body part. You do this using glory (a unique currency for the Daemon Of Chaos!).

As you progress, you’ll be given brand new looks and weapons, that will make your Daemon Prince your own, along with new spells and stat boosts. You are a daemon. It’s time for you to show the world how much pain you can cause and how much fiery destruction you can leave in your wake.

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