Our Top 5 Planet Coaster DLC Packs 

Our Top 5 Planet Coaster DLC Packs 

By  Pezh J. - 18th Aug 2022

Looking to expand your dream theme park with all-new rides and scenery? Let us guide you through some great extras for Planet Coaster!

Our Top 5 Planet Coaster DLC Packs 

Frontier Developments really delivered a dream game with Planet Coaster, giving a generation that grew up with Chris Sawyer’s iconic Rollercoaster Tycoon series an expansive sandbox to devise extravagant theme parks and elaborate themed rides. Although the base game comes with plenty of content, the DLC packs greatly help to bolster the variety of thrills you can offer to your park guests. Here we’ll run through some of our favourites and what they include!

#1 — Planet Coaster - Studios Pack

A DLC pack for anyone who’s ever been on a studio backlot tour or even just a ride with elaborate special effects, the Planet Coaster - Studios Pack gives you access to new scenery and effects to build your own stunt shows and ride simulators. The new Big Screen Tour ride allows you to craft your own backlot experience, carrying your guests around to exciting cinematic displays, complete with explosions and stunt people. The inclusion of the new Re-Motion and Horror Heights rides grants you the freedom to replicate your own favourite rides or use your creativity to develop fresh, immersive encounters.

#2 — Planet Coaster - Adventure Pack

With a host of new scenery, such as temples, traps, and jungle plant life, as well as creatures like mummies and crocodiles to spruce up your rides, the Planet Coaster - Adventure Pack is a must-have for any players wanting to create riveting excursions for their park guests. You can take your brave patrons into the heart of the jungle on new rides like the Gold Fever minecart rollercoaster and the Island Adventure boat ride. Amplify their experience even further using the new special effects, as well as a new entertainer: the brave adventurer, Reneé Feu.

#3 — Planet Coaster - Magnificent Rides Collection

A massive pack dedicated to bringing a selection of popular rides to the game, the Planet Coaster - Magnificent Rides Collection will greatly bolster your park. New rides include iconic fairground staples like the Hyperjump ride to launch your guests into the air, or the Grand Carousel, a graceful merry-go-round ride for the park visitors who prefer a gentler experience. Three new rollercoasters also pad out the pack, giving you access to the thrilling S.L.V. looping coaster and the Mind Melt inverted coaster to really test the stomachs of the riders.

#4 — Planet Coaster - Vintage Pack

Recreate the nostalgic look of a boardwalk fair with the help of the new Vintage theming, and utilise the Victorian scenery to construct period streets in the Planet Coaster - Vintage Pack. Included in the pack are seven traditional rides to help portray a little slice of the past for your guests, such as the Zephyrus wooden rollercoaster that delivers big dips and wondrous velocity, or the Centrum, a timeless centrifuge ride that pins riders against its walls with high-speed spins. You can also line your park with old-fashioned popcorn machines or let your guests have their fortunes told by the mechanical Zoltan.

#5 — Planet Coaster - Classic Rides Collection

Another pack designed to expand your park’s ride selection, the Planet Coaster - Classic Rides Collection gives you nine new rides to play with. New flat rides will provide a variety of experiences, from the exhilarating Swift Drifters ride that flings your guests around an oval track to the more elegant observation platform Sky Temple ride. The Gondola transport ride offers an elevated view of your park, letting guests get a breathtaking view on the way to their destination. The pack also includes new coasters, of course; the Interdimensional coaster will give guests a hair-raising ride, with rotating seats that you can control with triggers on the track, whereas the Infinite steel coaster provides a smaller ride car designed to deliver intense drops and inclines.

With so much diversity in rides and theming options across the Planet Coaster DLC packs, what you can create in your park is only limited by your imagination. Which pack is your favourite?

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