Our Top Picks for Killer Bundle 26

Our Top Picks for Killer Bundle 26

By  Mike Crewe - 18th May 2023

A bundle to die for!

Our Top Picks for Killer Bundle 26

The Killer Bundle is back and better than ever, with a whopping 24 games and two DLCs on offer this time around! No matter your preferences, there is sure to be something here to satisfy your bloodlust. Let’s take a look at just eight of the games that are available for anyone who picks up this great bundle!

The Ascent

Take on a harsh cyberpunk world, either alone or with a co-op partner, in this Action RPG! After the mega corporation that enslaved you suddenly collapses, can you fend for yourself against all manner of threats? Well, with the option to outfit your character's cyberware to suit your playstyle, a wide array of weapons to choose from, and the option to ally with some of the city’s most ruthless killers, you might stand a chance of survival!


From the masters of immersive action games — Arkane Studios — comes Dishonored, a thrilling adventure that, just like The Ascent, allows you to play how you like. Taking on the role of the assassin Corvo Attano, you’ll uncover the truth behind a princesses kidnapping, and a murder you were wrongly accused of. It’s a tense, atmospheric, first-person stealth (or action-heavy if you use Corvo’s otherworldly powers to cause havoc) title that is widely regarded as one of the developer's greatest games ever.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play as the creatures found lurking in those unexplored dungeons full of treasure? Well, Legend of Keepers has you covered! A roguelike title where no two runs are ever the same, your job is to fend off pesky heroes by strategically placing traps and monsters to hinder and ultimately defeat them. With a sprinkling of turn-based combat added to the mix, this is one dungeon that you’ll definitely want to keep well-guarded!

Banners of Ruin

Sticking with the roguelike genre, next up is Banners of Ruin, a deckbuilding game of adorably deadly anthropomorphic creatures locked in a battle to determine the fate of the city of Dawn’s Point. Create your party from six different races, all with their own distinct cards and abilities, before facing foes on the battlefield to grow stronger and turn the tide of the war. You’ll also come across various stories on your travels, with decisions offering positive or negative outcomes. So stay alert, it’s a jungle out there!


If you’re after a throwback to classic RPG games, then Gedonia may just be what you’re looking for! Set within a fantasyopen world, you’ll have complete freedom to craft your own unique hero as they explore, uncover mysteries, solve puzzles, and even craft their own homestead! Whether you choose to be a mage, an assassin, or anything in-between, there’s so much to see and do in this atmospheric title that it’s going to take many, many hours to see it all.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD

Whilst an argument could be made for any of the Oddworld games to be on this list, we had to go with perhaps the most unappreciated title in the franchise with Stranger's Wrath. Although other Oddworld games are more akin to precision platformers, this one is a Western themed first/third person adventure where you play as a bounty hunter known only as “The Stranger”. Our protagonist is trying to earn money for a life-saving surgery, but don’t worry, it still features all the usual humour found throughout the series, including firing all manner of live critters from The Stranger’s crossbow! 


An atmospheric, story driven title, Röki puts you in the role of Tove, as she explores a frozen world of mystery and monsters. Touted as a game of “brains, not brawn”, this relatively relaxing journey is widely accessible to any gamer across all ages, and its rich cast of mythological creatures is sure to charm even the most cold-hearted amongst us! The praise Röki has received since its release is certainly not undeserved, and we found it hard not to fall in love with such a magical title.

Rain World

Finally, we have the fiendishly difficult precision platformer, Rain World. If you’ve ever wanted to traverse a deadly industrial wasteland as a slugcat (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?) that’s hoping to reunite with its family, then this is definitely one to check out. Jokes aside, Rain World will test your reflexes, wits, and patience as you struggle to survive the vicious predators out on the hunt. It’s definitely one of those “okay, one more try” type of games that is very difficult to walk away from, but when the platforming gameplay is this slick, why would you want to?

Those were just eight of the 24 titles in the Killer Bundle 26, make sure to check out the others not mentioned here for a wide variety of genres and some truly killer gaming experiences!

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