Packt End of Summer Roundup

Packt End of Summer Roundup

By  Andrew Duncan - 29th Sep 2022

Brush up or learn something new with Packt

Packt End of Summer Roundup

No doubt you’ve noticed the number of Packt eLearning course bundles that we’ve been putting on sale over the last few months, but we figured that we’d play it safe and give you a rundown of what you may have missed. Sure, you’ll be late to have a Summer of studying, but don’t worry you can instead have an Autumn of academia!

Whether you were after Unity, C++, or Blender, there’s something new to learn about. Here’s what you might have missed:



We started July with the Cybersecurity Bundle 3rd Edition, which contains 11 new-to-bundle courses including Antivirus Bypass Techniques, Adversarial Tradecraft in Cybersecurity, and Digital Forensics and Incident Response.

Next up was the Unity Game Development Bundle 3e with 15 books, 10 of which were new-to-bundle. Amongst them was Unity 2021 Cookbook - Fourth Edition, Unity Game Optimization, and Mastering UI Development with Unity

Then came the AR/VR Bundle with nine books, all new-to-bundle, including Getting Started with React VR, Augmented Reality for Developers, and Unity Virtual Reality Projects

Finishing off the month was Python Programming for Application Development Bundle 2nd Edition, with 17 books, 12 of which were new-to-bundle. These included Python for Geeks, Python Microservices Development, and Python Architecture Patterns.



August was a big month which started with JavaScript Bundle 3rd Edition, bringing 17 total books, nine of which were new-to-bundle. These included Svelte 3 Up and Running, Clean Code in JavaScript, and Hands-On JavaScript High Performance.

Then came the C++ Bundle 3rd Edition with 18 total books, eight of which were new-to-bundle. The C++ Workshop, Expert C++, and Hands-On Functional Programming with C++ were some of the highlights.

Next was the Dev Ops Bundle 3rd Edition with 18 new-to-bundle books with Mastering Service Mesh, Cloud Native with Kubernetes, and Modern DevOps Practices amongst them.

We also released Robotics Bundle 2nd Edition with 20 books, 10 of which were new-to-bundle. Building Smart LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robots, Robotic Process Automation Projects, and Artificial Intelligence for Robotics were just some of the titles.

The penultimate release was Unreal Game Development Bundle 3rd Edition, with 12 books (four new-to-bundle), including Unreal Engine 5 - The Complete Beginner’s Course, Unreal Engine 4 Game Development Essentials, and Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development.

Finally for August we had the Animation Bundle with seven books, all new-to-bundle. Included were Learn Clip Studio Paint - Third Edition, Mastering Adobe Animate 2021, and Hands-On C++ Game Animation Programming.



Then we come to this past month, where we’ve put out five eLearning bundles, starting with Blender Computer Animation Bundle 3rd Edition. It had seven books, two of which were new-to-bundle, including Blender 3D Basics Beginner's Guide - Second Edition, Blender 3D Cookbook, and Blender 3D By Example.

Next was Data Science Bundle 2nd Edition with 20 books, nine of which were new-to-bundle. These included Managing Data Science, Apache Spark Quick Start Guide, and Big Data Analysis with Python.

Then we had the Machine Learning & Big Data Bundle 2nd Edition, with 20 books including seven new-to-bundle. Amongst the titles were Learn TensorFlow Enterprise, Automated Machine Learning, and Mastering PyTorch.

This week we had Cloud Computing BYOB 2nd Edition with all 17 new-to-bundle books, including Architecting Google Cloud Solutions, Amazon Connect: Up and Running, and Azure Stack Hub Demystified.

Finally, launched just today was the Deep Learning with Python Bundle 2nd Edition. It has 20 books, eight new-to-bundle, which include Deep Learning By Example, Hands-On Deep Learning for IoT, and Applied Deep Learning with PyTorch.

So if you wanted to learn something new with Packt, you’ve picked the right month to start. Check out all of these bundles and more here, and keep an eye out for new Packt bundles coming over the next few months!

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