PC games releasing in May 2021

PC games releasing in May 2021

By  Declan Barry - 24th Apr 2021

Awesome new games aren't too far away

PC games releasing in May 2021

The sun is starting to shine and flowers are starting to blossom, but they're not the only things springing to life this May.

Fantastic AAA and Indie titles are launching throughout the month, and as PC gamers it's easy to get excited for the action-packed month ahead. So why not sit back, relax, and check out our list of the amazing titles coming your way on PC for May 2021.

Resident Evil Village - May 7

The eighth entry in the terrifying but brilliant Resident Evil franchise launches at the start of May. Following Ethan Winters and his wife Mia following the aftermath of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, we see the protagonist in a snowy European village as he tries to escape the ordeal that's befallen him.

However, legendary character Chris Redfield returns in Resident Evil Village, to mess up these plans and sets off a chain of events that sees Ethan battle monks, werewolves, and even a certain tall Vampire lady that has already captured the hearts of the gaming community.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - May 10

Compete in head-to-head heists with a team of outlaws in a Robin Hood inspired PvPvE multiplayer. Hood: Outlaws & Legends allows you to claim loot and invest in perks, weapons and looks in an action-packed game where classes and strategy are as important as your daring and skills.
The game has a dark, gritty theme that reflects the era and immerses you in the violent world of the oppressive government.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition - May 14

One of the greatest Sci-Fi series in gaming, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings all the unforgettable action and difficult decision making to 4K. All three Mass Effect titles, including over 40 DLC, have been remastered with enhanced performance, gameplay improvements, and controller support for PC to take the trilogy to the next level.

There have even been improvements to the original Mass Effect! With aiming, squad controls, and cameras all enhanced to make the game more out of this world than before!

Days Gone - May 18

The award-winning Days Gone is coming to PC. The PlayStation game is set two years after a global pandemic and sees a drifter navigating through the cannibalistic Freakers using stealth and his trusty motorcycle in order to find if his wife is still alive.

Popular with players, the game is a zombie experience where every moment feels terrifying. due to the scarcity of supplies and ever-present zombies who can't wait to eat your face. But the open-world environment is where the game shines with its ever-changing environment thanks to the weather, day-night cycle, and the interaction between the Freakers and the map.

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster - May 24

The ATLUS classic Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne is getting a HD Remaster in late May. The genre-defining, infamously punishing RPG includes remastered 3D models and backgrounds, as well as additional difficulty settings, as you reawaken your inner demon after being caught between a battle of Gods and demons.

In the game, your choices determine who you can bring to life, or who dies, as well as how the war plays out. As well as working with your party in turn-based battling to overcome any enemies you may face. Not too bad for a high school student in modern-day Tokyo!


Kung-Fu is on the table in BIOMUTANT. Kick your way through a post-apocalyptic open-world with this RPG where martial arts is combined with shooting and mutant abilities.

The fast-paced combat sees you take on several enemies at one time to devastating effect as you battle against other animals in a vibrant world. However, to save the land, you need to pick your class and unite the Tribes to either save the Tree-of-Life or allow the world to go into a darker destiny. Whatever you do, the storyteller narrates your journey with your actions deciding how the story of survival ends.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground - May 27

The dark fantasy universe of Warhammer's Age of Sigmar is getting its first strategy adaptation. You'll participate in spectacular and fast-paced tactical battles as you lead your highly customisable force in dynamic, turn-based skirmishes.

Each victory will allow you to collect and upgrade new types of units from the awesome fantasy roster of Age of Sigmar with immortal knights riding heavily Stardrakes as common as birds in our mortal realms sky.

One thing's for sure is that it's a game that all Warhammer fans will have been waiting for, and the prospect of building a legendary army against the AI or in online play against other players is getting us hyped!

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