PC Gaming Show 2023 Overview

PC Gaming Show 2023 Overview

By  Luz Victoria - 12th Jun 2023

Everything we saw

PC Gaming Show 2023 Overview

We got to see a lot of things in the PC GAMING SHOW 2023! You won't want to miss out on some of these announcements, so we wanted to make a compact and easy-to-digest list of games that were announced for you to check out! Here are the 63 titles announced and mentioned throughout the show!

Frostpunk 2

It's time to delve back into the frozen wasteland once again in Frostpunk 2! It's been 30 years since the apocalyptic blizzard took over the world and the era of coal has passed; with oil as your new option for warmth and not everyone on-board with your plan, you'll need to unite your civilisation and ensure they are ready to do what must be done, even if it means sacrificing themselves.

Frostpunk 2 will release sometime in 2024!


Teardown is a heist title set in a fun voxel world where you will need to break your way through various, fully destructible levels! But today, we're not talking about destruction, as instead, the trailer shows the creative mode coming where you can build whatever you want — in this case, a T-rex and... godzilla? Man, I love Tuxedo Labs' humour.

The creative mode releases on the 15th of June!


A beautiful cyberpunk world waiting to be explored, this title allows you to live in a 3D-voxel environment to live your neon-lit fantasy. Take a break fishing, set out to sail the open seas, start a new business, and don't worry about the serial killer on the loose — surely, you won't ever meet him.

Check out Nivalis when it releases sometime in 2024!

Jumplight Odyssey

Your trek across the galaxy won't be without its perils, as the trailer that appeared in the showcase features various catastrophic events that you'll need to survive in order to get to the Forever Star!

Jumplight Odyssey is coming soon, but you will be able to play the demo in Steam Next Fest coming on the 19th of June!

Road to Vostok

This survival FPS title is set in a post-apocalyptic environment in between Finland and Russia; you will need to survive the best you can in the Border Zone as you make your journey to Vostok in Road to Vostok! Survive, loot, and trade as you explore a large playable world and filled with events to explore, from crash sites, airdrops, and more!

Road to Vostok is coming soon in Early Access, but you can try the demo now on Steam!

Ebenezer and The Invisible World

Tis the season to be jolly! Ebenezer and The Invisible World is a new metroidvania adventure has a beautiful hand-drawn animation style in which you will take control of everyone's favourite anti-Christmas hero, Ebenezer Scrooge! Explore the Victorian-fantasy, meet the various powerful Ghosts to get their help across your journey, and enjoy a narrative about tragic backstories!

Ebenezer and The Invisible World is yet to be announced but has a playable demo available on Steam!


Warhaven is a free-to-play PvP mediaeval fantasy title in which two teams with over a dozen players each will battle against one another to reign victorious! Pick between six different classes and use their abilities to gain the upper hand on the battlefield as you work together with your allies to win! 

Warhaven is coming soon!

D.O.R.F. Real-Time Strategic Conflict

D.O.R.F. Real-Time Strategic Conflict is an RTS title in which you will build bases and scour the land to get materials and earn the upper hand in the battle against your adversaries. Use land, air, and sea units to defeat other players and win the match! 

D.O.R.F. Real-Time Strategic Conflict's release date is yet to be announced!


With a unique art style, descend into the depths of sulfur and fight against various types of enemies in the depths of the cavern with several inventive guns! The trailer shows off the gunplay and some of the quirky characters we'll get to meet, including the scrolls you will garner to upgrade your weapons and become even more powerful!

Sulfur's release date is yet to be announced.


Shopkeeping titles are becoming more common, and Saleblazers is the newest one to join this trend! The open-world online title lets you play with up to seven other players to build a shop from the ground up and start earning profit!

Saleblazers will release on the 29th of September 2023!


Find love in the apocalypse! The world has fallen to a virus that has mutated humans and turned them into infected. To survive, you will need to make the best of your time in live-action combat with anime graphics. But... don't forget to find someone to survive the end of the world with, mixing in dating sim aspects as well!

Eternights is coming out on the 21st of September 2023! Are you ready to save the world? Try the game on Steam Next Fest on the 19th of June!

Pax Dei

It's time to live in a world unlike our own with Pax Dei! This open-world MMO title has you embarking on a mediaeval adventure with plenty of other players and living in 12th- or 13th-century Europe. With magic, ghosts, and mythical creatures, you will play a normal mediaeval character as you set out to make a name for yourself. Who will you become in this fantasy mediaeval social sandbox?

Live your mediaeval fantasy with Px Dei when it releases

Stampede Royal Racing

If you love racing, then you're going to love Stampede: Racing Royale! This fast-paced combat racing title has you facing off in 60-player battles to be the victor! Can you prove your worth against dozen other players? Use everything at your disposal, including various arcade items like bombs and lasers, to come ahead and defeat your opponent!

Stampede: Racing Royale is coming soon!

Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life

Strap on your seatbelt and prepare for take-off with Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life! This authentic space simulation faithfully represents the feelings of space exploration as the design team works with space industry professionals to properly reflect the job properly!

Feel like an astronaut by joining the mailing list and receive the upcoming Alpha coming soon! Otherwise, this sequel is coming in 2024!

Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 has long been teased, and fans of the franchise will be ecstatic to hear that in today's showcase, we got a long look at the gameplay elements with fast-paced and epic combat! Use various magical abilities at your disposal and defeat your foes before you reach the foul abomination at the end — will you survive? Learn more about Path of Exile 2 on the 28th of July!


Explore an alternate and strange world where you set out into a prehistoric land armed with various modern weapons to survive! The trailer shown in the video is narrated by the lead developer as he mentions the various inspirations that FEROCIOUS has had for its gameplay elements! In this mysterious prehistoric island, how will you fare with only modern weaponry to protect you?

Wishlist the game on Steam now!

Islands of Insight

Take control of a seeker and embark on a peaceful, gorgeous journey filled with exploration and puzzles for you to overcome. As a Seeker, your job is to search for knowledge at your pace, exploring the world, and solving every puzzle either alone or with online co-op! This beautiful realm is begging to be explored.

Make sure you check out the breathtaking islands and solve the puzzles when Islands of Insight releases! It is available for wishlist on Steam now.

Lords of the Fallen

Explore two different worlds — the land of the living and the Umbral plane. Fight for your life in the Land of the Living against gargantuan creatures, and then head to the Umbral plane... to fight for your life even harder against the ghosts of those you've slain. The two worlds are built on top of each other, meaning that traversal on one makes you move in the other, too, offering a unique multi-exploration aspect! But be wary, as threats await you on both planes of existence, and death is a punishment — as every other soulslike title.

Lords of the Fallen is set to release on the 13th of October!

Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master

Any old buffoon can raid a dungeon, but only the very best can run a successful one. Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master invites you to try to create a dungeon, including management elements — your job is simple: create a dungeon that is appealing to all of the heroes in the world... and then slay them. Find places to raid to get great treasure... and slay them!

What are you waiting, dungeon master? Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master is releasing in the summer of 2023, but the demo will be playable in Steam's Next Fest on the 19th of June!

Mariachi Legends

Take control of a detective and fight back a sinister gang! Play as Pablo Cruz, a gifted detective that sets out on an adventure given onto you by Lady Death and become La Sombra in an action title being developed by Halberd Studios, a Mexican-based developer! Mariachi Legends is currently in development!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

The Warhammer franchise brings game after game set in its universe for all of the fans to love! This time, we got a look at the newest Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin! This new action RTS title will have you commanding four factions as you embark on a story-driven campaign or fight against other warlords in online multiplayer! Create your army and prove your mettle against other warlords.

Try out the open beta that starts from the 7th of July and runs until the 10th of July!

Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector

The sequel to Citizen Sleeper appeared with a cinematic trailer showing off various narrative elements! Take control of an escaped android whose body is malfunctioning and has no memory of their past. Escape and build a home in the ever-changing Starward Belt with Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector! Will you be able to build a refuge among the stars?

Check out the game available for wishlist now!

Critter Cove

This adorable life simulator — Critter Cove — will have you exploring a large, mysterious archipelago as you find relics, create items, and befriend the wide cast of charming townsfolk! The cinematic trailer shows the ever-adamant protagonist creating a unique ship that won't sink in order to set sail across the archipelago in open exploration! Rebuild a broken town, use trash, debris, and driftwood to repurpose it into useful materials, and make the world beautiful once again!

Critter Cove is ready to wishlist now!

Hidden Door

An interview with Hilary Mason, the co-founder of Hidden Door, appeared in the showcase! In it, she answers various questions about the title! Create your character, play with your friends, and decide which type of adventure you will embark in! Using a generative A.I. generator, live in any world you want and decide the kind of adventure, including The Wizard of Oz! Watch the world evolve and react to you as you put in a prompt and select from various choices and see the world evolve thanks to the A.I. narrator!

Hidden Door is coming on the Winter of 2023! Are you ready to embark on a completely unique adventure? Sign up here to join the waitlist for a preview!

Dread Pilots

A new title by Klei Entertainment — best known for their genius work on Don't Starve! — is Dread Pilots, a space-based action roguelike where you take control of a Dread Pilot stuck in a dangerous strange world of Dread, a pocket dimension that is an amalgamation between deep space and nightmare. Your quest? Escape at all costs. Interact with various NPCs to try to survive in this world the way you want to, either by befriending, trading, or even stealing — if you must.

Dread Pilots is coming out sometime in 2024!

Miasma Chronicles

The Miasma has spread across America and turned the once-bustling country into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Miasma Chronicles is a tactical RPG title in which you will need to survive the horrifying seemingly sentient force that overtakes everything. Experience an evolving fantasy story by the team behind Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and fight back against the Miasma as best you can! 

Available on the 20th of June as a physical edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S!

Undead Inc.

Who needs to run an evil dungeon when you can, instead, become the evil CEO of Endswell Medical Corporation in Undead Inc.? The cinematic trailer shows how this management sim will evolve as you experiment with cutting-edge technology and create something unthinkable — bioweapons in the form of zombies. Run your business, trade in medical bioweapons, and when everything goes inevitably wrong and your experiments are set loose, gather the personnel you can, all of the research and start on your next experiment in a roguelike game loop!

The game is coming soon and ready to be wishlisted on Steam!

Altered Alma

Explore the cyberpunk world of Neo Barcelona in metroidvania gameplay mixed with dating sim features and a beautiful pixelated graphics style in Altered Alma! Unfold a narrative by various industry legends, customise your crew with choices that influence your gameplay style, build relationships with your allies, and explore a world of various foes that seek to bring you down! 

From cyborgs to lizards and gangs, take control of Jack and defeat everyone that stands in your way!

Invector: Rhythm Galaxy

By the creators of Avicii Invector comes a brand-new rhythm title! Built from the most popular artists in this modern day, play music from PinkPantheress, Duran Duran, and more, navigate the beautiful neon-lit worlds as you play to the music either solo or in four-player head-to-head action!

Invector: Rhythm Galaxy launches on the 14th of July!

The Invincible

Based on a book by the same name written by the author Stanisław Lem, take control of Yasna and explore Regis III in search of your other crew mates and interacting with the denizens of this strange planet. Get it on PC or on consoles with an Xbox Series X|S and a PlayStation 5, you won't want to miss out on this amazing sci-fi adventure.

The Invincible is coming this year!

Park Beyond

The next title showcased needs no introduction — this spiritual successor to the Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise, Park Beyond is a title developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S.! Create a beautiful, surreal park that is outside of the realm of possibility where the only limitation is your imagination! Why not create a park beyond the idea of reality? 

Park Beyond is ready for pre-order and releasing in just a few short days — on the 15th of June! Also, join the open beta by requesting access on Steam now to learn more about the game!

Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors

Developed and published by BKOM Studios, this new roguelite survivor title set in the world of Pathfinder has you entering the dark tower of Gallowspire! This Vampire Survivor-like title will let you explore the world of Pathfinder in a new genre as you take control of one of three heroes! Doomed to fail, come back to the spire and try again to ascend further and survive until you reach Tar-Baphon!

Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors is releasing in 2023!

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age

A new take on 2D fighters, play hectic 2v2 action where all players are fighting at the same time on the screen! Play local or online and fight against various foes worldwide with multiple characters to fight with! Fight through three lanes with your allies and work with your teammate to reign victorious against your adversaries!

Releasing in 2023, join the open beta now by requesting access on Steam!

Parcel Corps

Ditch your 9-5 job and take on the bicycle to deliver messages via bicycle! Who needs an office environment when you can head out into the sun-kissed environment in New Island as one of three bicycle couriers as you ride around the city, ride against walls, defy gravity itself, and terrify pigeons? Join one of the three factions and ride for them in this up-and-coming job as a bicycle courier in Parcel Corps!

Parcel Corps' release date is yet to be announced, but stay tuned for more information!


Fabledom is built by a two-man studio in which you build a beautiful village of magical creatures and use diplomacy to either become friends with your neighbors or challenge them! Live your mediaeval fantasy dream as you find a prince or princess and marry happily ever after! 

Out now on Early Access, the new The Art of Soldiery update is out now with the Gallantry & Bartering one coming soon!


This beautiful Mega Man X-like title, 30XX, is a co-operative 2D sidescroller with a roguelite mode to keep fresh, the Mega Mode, and even a level editor for the fun to continue beyond the main campaign! If you're a fan of retro platformers, you aren't going to want to miss out on this one.

30XX releases on PC and the Nintendo Switch on the 9th of August!


Taking control of exiles from Earth in a new, seemingly hospitable planet to embark on a mining expedition, you and up to three friends will need to survive a hostile environment in the form of ever-changing temperatures and malicious lifeforms. Mixing first-person adventure, base-building, and survival, explore the open-world planet when the game releases in Early Access! 

You can wishlist it now on Steam.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Pirates are overrated — ghost ships is where its at! Take control of a cursed pirate in this stealth strategy game developed and published by Mimimi Games! The cursed crew sets out on an adventure for the legendary trasure of Captain Mordechai! Assemble your own cursed crew and survive across the ocean blue with Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew!

The game is available for wishlist now on Steam!

Exo Rally Championship

Who needs race tracks when you can partake in the most dangerous off-road racing event in the world? Exo Rally Championship is a single-player racing title in which you will explore various strange planets with brutal environments to traverse as you set out to become the champion! You will never learn the hazardous planets with procedurally generated worlds, meaning no playthrough will be the same!

Exo Rally Championship's release date is yet to be announced!


Developed by a team that worked on World of Warcraft and Starcraft, Stormgate is a new RTS title including 1v1 or 3v3 modes that is a spiritual successor to Starcraft. This accessible title for newcomers or veterans of the genre lets you play as three players against AI! The video shown is a pre-alpha playtest that is already a very promising title with beautiful graphics by genre veterans! The president of Frost Giant Studios — Tim Campbell — shares a bit of his hopes and dreams for the title, and the excitement and pride is palpable.

Stormgate will be a free-to-play title for everyone to enjoy! The release date is yet to be announced. Go to playstormgate.com to sign up for the closed testing in July!

Fortune's Run

Fortune's Run is a high-octane title in which you will explore barren factories and immerse yourself in a distinctive graphics style! Bring a knife (or in this case, a katana) to a gunfight using a deep melee system to fight back and wield weapons like the katana to fight back against your foes by mastering the parry mechanic! The only way you'll make it through is perseverance, as death is pretty much assured for you, as you will need to make a decision: persistence or death!

Fortune's Run is releasing on Early Access on the 1st of September but you can play the demo now available on Steam!

Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a great first-person World War II simulator in which players will fight 50 vs 50 to come out victorious against the enemy military force. The cinematic trailer showcases the battlefield and teamwork required to survive alongside some gameplay in the trenches of combat!

Hell Let Loose may be out now, but it's never a bad idea to enlist and start fighting alongside your fellow soldiers! The Devotion to Duty update will release in the 18th of July, so you'd better be prepared to make the most of it, maggot!


This adorable roguelike shooter will pair you up with up to three other friends as you embark on a journey to defeat hordes of monsters and survive this anime-styled wasteland! How long can your group survive against the never-ending waves? 

ATOMIC PICNIC is coming soon, but you can pick up the demo available on Steam now!

Sizzle Reel

How to ignore the sizzle reel? Although everything shown in it is too short for us to cover, here were the titles shown in a quick-fire way!

  • Jorel's Brother and The Most Important Game of the Galaxy — 15th of June Release Date
  • MULLET MAD JACK — Release date to be announced
  • Gaucho and the Grassland — September 2023
  • Revival: Recolonization — 28th of June 2023
  • Nova Lands — 22nd of June 2023

Vampire Survivors DLC

The most influential Survivors title and everyone's favourite — Vampire Survivors — is receiving a brand-new DLC that randomises the world for even more replayability! 

The spinning wheel to randomise events and the new "GoldFinger" pickup will be available tomorrow for all players to pick up and try out!

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate appeared as a hilarious and adorable cinematic trailer where the party prepare for the terrible threat that they will have to face tomorrow that destroyed them yesterday — the horrifying... frog? Well, at least it's friendly and our party can relax-- oh. The team shows off how they slowly built their iconic city, and you can hear their pride and nostalgia for the world they created. 

Take part in the adventure and explore the iconic city with Baldur's Gate 3's official release set for the 31st of August 2023!

Ember Knights

Ember Knights is an Early Access title with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews for one to four players as you embark on a journey to defeat the mad sorcerer Praxis and his allies! Take advantage of various schools of magic in this fast-paced roguelike where you'll face deadly foes and eldritch monstrosities in the form of epic bosses! The sword doesn't make a knight, so become a hero through perseverance and free the decaying Prime Worlds in order to restore the Ember Tree once again!

Ember Knights is leaving Early Access on the 18th of July with its 1.0 patch! 

TerraTech Worlds

Developed and published by Payload Studios, this open-world PvE survival set in a strange alien planet will have you exploring a land of untold wonders and reigning over the natural hazards that line the landscape! Play alone or with others in online co-op as you take control of various vehicles and conquer the alien world!

TerraTech Worlds is coming soon!


What could possibly be a fate worse than death? Macabre explores this question in its stealth extraction horror title with co-op functionality. Traverse through infinite timelines and pass by those that have been ventured through by others to face interdimensional terrors and save humankind. Upgrade your gear and unlock new abilities in order to survive for as long as it takes to save humanity!

Macabre's release date is yet to be announced but the demo will be releasing soon on Steam!


The sun has unexpectedly died, and Earth is no longer a hospitable environment. Hundreds of ships have set out to survive, and it is up to you — the captain — to find a new home for humanity. Earthless is a deckbuilding adventure in which you need to play with the cards you have been dealt. You are the final hope of this fleet of starships, and so you must venture across the stars and save the countless lives that have been placed on your shoulders. Good luck, captain.

Earthless is set to release sometime in 2024!

Nova Roma

Build the city of Rome and fight all of the hardships that ancient Roman civilisations had to deal with — enact laws, develop supply chains in order to have the resources necessary... oh, and appease the mighty gods above to earn their favour. Just a typical day in a Roman emperor's life! Build colosseums, expand your empire, and become the city of gods with Nova Roma!

Nova Romais set to release sometime in 2024.

Last Train Home

The Great War is over, but that doesn't mean that the fighting has seized. Help a legion of soldiers, all of which wish to return home. Take control of a legion of soldiers that need your help to see their loved ones as you embark on a journey with an armoured train across the harsh winters and encounter rival factions that seek to stop you at every turn of the corner. Manage your crew and resources and get the soldiers — as many as you can — back to their loved ones. Who would have thought the most perilous part of the war would be the end?

Last Train Home is coming soon!

My Friendly Neighborhood

Our Friendly Neighborhood is everyone's favourite Saturday morning puppet show! Just that the puppets might not be as friendly as they might seem. My Friendly Neighborhood is a survival horror title in which you will need to manage your inventory and survive against an onslaught of aggressive puppets as an unassuming repairman who only wishes to finish the job and get home. Why, oh why, is the last task always the hardest?

Fight back the puppet army when My Friendly Neighborhood releases on the 18th of July 2023!

F1 Manager 2023

Manage an entire racing team and make decisions that will either earn you the world cup or lose it. F1 Manager 2023 is the newest entry on the yearly franchise F1 Manager as you will conquer a new year with all-new teams to take part and features to keep the game fresh. 

Build your legacy when F1 Manager 2023 releases on the 31st of July with pre-orders available now!

Breathedge 2

The evil space corporation must be brought down, and you'll take control of the revolution against it with Breathedge 2! Surrounded by numerous dangers, you'll need to survive in outer space by building, crafting, and managing your crew. Oh, and of course, look after your chicken — every reckless mission needs a space chicken.

Breathedge 2 is ready for wishlist now on Steam!

Bloomtown: A Different Story

Not everything is as it seems in Bloomtown! What seems to be a beautiful life simulator quickly turns into an RPG title to survive against the dark, fantasy forces! Take control of Emily and her group of friends as you try to save your small town from the demonic entities that live in the hearts of every resident!

Bloomtown: A Different Story is coming soon!


Explore the unknown planet of Sophie, an alien world filled with deserts! This open-world PvPvE title will have you conquering hostile environments by building the gargantuan Tramplers — your main base and means of exploration! Modify and change various aspects of your Trampler to make it your home that carries you through this alien planet! After an economical crisis forces all of the denizens of Sophie to leave, only the most desperate and impoverished individuals undertake the arduous journey of searching for riches in this desolate planet!

Sand's release date is yet to be announced!

Dune: Awakening

Dune: Awakening closes the enjoyable showcase! The new open-world survival MMO set in the Dune universe appears as the final showcase of the show! This developer video showcases the world of Dune: Awakening as he explains the most important features of the game: how the players will interact with the world. As a castaway on the planet armed with only a knife, you will need to build your way up to the late game! Various developers take the screen to explain numerous aspects of the gameplay in this 13-minute-long video that we recommend you check out if you are interested in Dune: Awakening!

Experience the living world of Dune: Awakening when the game has its release date announced!

That's it for everything shown at the PC GAMING SHOW 2023! With 63 announcements, this action-packed showcase is a great one that you definitely won't want to miss out on! Thanks for reading, and we hope you found something you're looking forward to!

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