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PlayStation gamers express anger amid Horizon Zero Dawn PC launch

PlayStation gamers express anger amid Horizon Zero Dawn PC launch

By Sam Jones

PlayStation gamers express anger amid Horizon Zero Dawn PC launch

By Sam Jones - 21st Jan 2020

How dare they port the game to PC and let millions more people enjoy it!

PlayStation gamers express anger amid Horizon Zero Dawn PC launch

UPDATE: Horizon Zero Dawn has been officially confirmed for PC - launching this summer!

If you're the type of person that finds it deeply upsetting to see a console-exclusive game being launched on another platform, strap yourself in, this won't be easy to take.

The latest rumors suggest that a port of the critically-acclaimed action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn is making its way to PC later this year. Developed by Guerrilla Games and launched on the PlayStation 4 back in 2017, HZD sees you venture out into a vibrant open world set in the 31st century, controlling a female hunter named Aloy.

This post-apocalyptic world is ruled by robotic creatures, which Aloy can hunt with various futuristic traps and weapons, as well as upgrading her skills through a progressive skill tree system. The game was a huge hit with critics and players, with the likes of Game Over Online calling it 'one of the PS4’s greatest games'.

With such a great launch and continued success via The Frozen Wilds expansion, which has also featured as a collaboration event with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne in recent months, you can't blame the developer for wanting to share the top rated title with even more gamers.

The rumors have, as they normally do, divided the gaming community as to whether a PC port of the game would be a good idea, a very similar scenario to the announcement that the PS-exclusive Death Stranding would be heading to PC with 505 Games as publisher.

Twitter user @EvarMayi said "This is bad hope it's not real. It's bad for industry I don't want PS exclusives on PC or Xbox exclusives or Nintendo on PC what's the point of exclusives then!!!"

@Punishere1 added "So this is Sony's strategy going into the new generation. lol if that's the case like I said. Don't need a PS5... I can wait for too many games to play as it is."

Heck, this individual even went to the extreme of throwing is PS4 copy in the toilet in a 'f**k you' to Sony... there's always one.


But there are others who completely agree with the idea of an old console game making its way onto PC, and they seem pretty excited about it.

Robbie Mendez (@RobTheLegacy) tweeted "I'm just saying. When #HorizonZeroDawn does come to pc. I'm 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000% Replaying it @Guerrilla please hurry thanks! I mean don't rush the process to much tho I want it to be a good port!"

Patrick Maka (@PMaka1991) added "Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC. PlayStation will be fine. Xbox will be fine. Gaming is great. Let’s be happy gamers. 2020 is going to be a great year.

"Stop fighting."

Sam Sharma, who previously worked on Horizon Zero Dawn at Guerrilla Games, also took to Twitter to support the potential arrival of the game on PC.

He said "HORIZON ZERO DAWN released Feb 2017. Almost three years ago.

"If there’s a rumour that some people on the PC get to enjoy a game they’ve missed out on for a while, it should be a cause for celebration, not derision, or attacks on the developers.

"Don’t be that guy, PS fans."

The arguments will no doubt continue into the night as to whether there's any point to platform exclusivity, and whether this will put future console purchases in jeopardy due to many preferring to play the same version of a game on PC. But bringing a popular game to a larger audience is surely a win-win for the majority.

PlayStation gamers express anger amid Horizon Zero Dawn PC launch

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