Previously on Saints Row

Previously on Saints Row

By  Previously on Saints Row - 26th Aug 2022

A brief history of the 3rd Street Saints.

Previously on Saints Row

With the release of a new Saints Row game you may be wondering what happened before, in case you missed anything! Well, here’s a brief history of the series!

Saints Row

The player, known then simply as Playa, is introduced to the 3rd Street Saints and the other gangs of their hometown of Stilwater. Despite being a newcomer to the gang lifestyle, they are quickly trusted with taking down the other gangs in order for the Saints to be the only ones in charge. They mow through the Los Carnales, the Vice Kings, and the Westside Rollerz, culminating in a meeting with the mayor of Stilwater aboard his yacht — which explodes.

Saints Row 2

Returning to Stilwater after years in a prison hospital, Playa is upgraded to The Boss as the Saints are no more. It’s their job to return the Saints to their former glory in a city they no longer recognise, after the Ultor Corporation had come in to revitalise it. Having filled the gang-shaped hole that the dissolution of the Saints created, The Boss has to take on three new gangs: The Brotherhood, Sons of Samedi, and The Ronin. By the time that’s all over with, The Boss is now in charge of everything, and has big plans that the Ultor Corporation are going to help with.

Saints Row: The Third

Having become multimedia superstars, as well as remaining gangbanger criminals, the Saints make the mistake of robbing a bank operated by a criminal organisation known as The Syndicate. The Boss and their lieutenants are kidnapped and left penniless in the city of Steelport, and have to fight to become the top dogs. That involves taking on the Deckers, the Luchadores, and the Morningstar gangs (AKA The Syndicate), and showing them who's the boss.

Saints Row IV

Through a range of coincidences The Boss becomes President of the United States of America. However, the President is still a Boss at heart, so is pretty much nonplussed when the alien overlord Zinyak attacks Earth and kidnaps them. Immersing them in a computer simulation, the President has to escape it and murder their way through the alien mothership to save their friends, and possibly humanity itself from the Zin. The results are mixed, to say the least, as the Earth is destroyed, but the President becomes the ruler of the Zin, with access to a time travel device.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

When the President is kidnapped from their spaceship by Satan, only Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington can save them! With nothing to aid them except for Satan’s wings from when he was an angel, the duo must make alliances with the damned and take over Hell itself. Upon saving the President, Johnny Gat is offered a boon from God which may bring back the Earth…

Saints Row

But you might as well forget all of that, as the new game is a reboot! Completely new characters, set in the city of Santo Ileso which is home to three factions: The Idols, Los Panteros , and Marshall Defense Industries. But maybe it’s time to bring in another faction? Maybe call them the Saints…?

Saints Row is available from now on our store, and the rest of the series can be found here.

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