Remnant II Edition Differences

Remnant II Edition Differences

By  Guest - 25th Jul 2023

Struggling to choose? Let me help!

Remnant II Edition Differences

If you're anything like me, you live for the thrill of finishing a soulslike title and can't wait for the next one to come around! Thankfully, Remnant II — an upcoming difficult title that'll pit us against terrifying god-like bosses and freaky enemies — is finally here! This co-op title really has us all excited to grab our best buddy and gear up for some rage and horror. But before any of that, we'd love to tell you about the edition differences and what you get with each one! Starting with…

Standard Edition

Absolutely no judgement from me if you just want the normal edition without any additives. If you (or you and your buddy) want just the game to be on your merry way to stop reality from being destroyed, that's fine! With this edition, you’ll be able to experience the entirety of the base game, including unlocking various archetypes as you progress through the title and fight back the monstrous forces!

Experience a soulslike shooter and fight back against Eldritch foes in three-player co-operative combat! Or, face the horrors alone and experience its endless replayability in the form of loot, rewards, and challenges that you’ll have to face. 

If you purchase Remnant II's Standard Edition, you'll get:

  • The base game

Deluxe Edition

Up next is the Deluxe Edition, which is a great option for fans who like looking awesome while pwning the bosses (as we oldies would say), as it brings three armour sets for you to show off your fashion sense! And the best part is that they all honour the original entry: Remnant From the Ashes!

If you purchase Remnant II's Deluxe Edition, you'll get:

  • The base game
  • Three Remnant: From the Ashes armour sets

Ultimate Edition

And lastly, the Ultimate Edition, which comes with all the goodness from the previous editions plus some added bells and whistles, such as DLC for those hungry soulslike fans who can't wait to face all the challenges available!

This includes the three Remnant: From the Ashes armour sets that you can get from the Deluxe Edition, alongside the Survival pack and a bundle with three DLC that will be coming out over the course of one year after release! This means that you’ll also be able to experience the various additionals that will release over the course of the game’s lifetime!

If you purchase Remnant II's Ultimate Edition, you'll get:

  • The base game
  • Three Remnant: From the Ashes armour sets
  • Survival pack
  • DLC bundle that includes three packs (announced in the future)

That's it for our edition differences! I hope I helped you find out which is the best edition for you to take home with you!

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