Remnant II Reviews are in - What are the Critics Saying?

Remnant II Reviews are in - What are the Critics Saying?

By  Nox - 31st Jul 2023
Remnant II Reviews are in - What are the Critics Saying?

Remnant II is out, and for those who don't recognise the game, they might buy the original entry's title: Remnant: From the Ashes! This sequel to the co-op soulslike title seems to have smitten the critics deeply, as it got a solid 80 Metascore!

God is a Geek - 9.5/10

Reviewer: Mick Fraser 

"Despite a few shortcomings, Remnant 2 remains one of the most creative, fascinating, and compelling games of the last few years."

One of the things that Mick Fraser pointed out about Remnant II in his review was how properly done and creative the combat was: from the smooth 3rd-person shooting to the fascinating (and fun) weapons, he seemed smitten by it!

Shacknews - 9/10

Reviewer: Sam Chandler

"Remnant 2's action, loot, and bosses are cranked up to 11. It's a marked improvement over the first game, with the fat trimmed and all the good parts ready for devouring right from the start. There's a lot to love here, with more surprises and reasons to play even after multiple playthroughs. Though I do have a few gripes, they fade into the background as there's just so much to enjoy here in the minute-to-minute gameplay."

Sam, on the other hand, was absolutely smitten by the changes in the building mechanic; from the Archetype and weapons to mods and rings: Remnant II kept him busy mixing and matching!

PCGamesN - 8/10

Reviewer: Nat Smith

"Remnant 2 marries Matryoshka level design and sublime set pieces with memorable bosses, all while polishing the combat system and build customization of its genre-bending predecessor to a spit shine."

Nat was absolutely enamoured by the exploration and difficulty! She mentions how she would lose herself deeply during heated battles or even uncovering the undiscovered realms!

Screen Rant - 8/10

Reviewer: Josh Hon

"Remnant 2 is compelling as a single-player journey, but feels much more rewarding to play with others. To that end, the game does a solid job in making that a possibility, even for those without friends interested in the title at launch. Adventure Mode allows players to join a random quest with others, providing a quick and easy way to enjoy the cooperative multiplayer experience Remnant 2 excels at. With a large variety of playstyle customizations and a seemingly endless amount of levels on vibrant alien worlds to discover, Remnant 2 is a multiplayer shooter that'll keep players blasting enemies for a while and is well-worth a look in spite of its flaws."

It's easy to tell how much fun Josh had playing with his loved ones, as he makes multiple mentions throughout his review about how much he enjoys Remnant II's co-op feature!

Considering the first four reviewers go in-depth about their love for different features, I think it’s safe to say that Remnant II has a lot to love! Now don’t forget to check out the edition differences if you’re planning on purchasing it to get the best suited for you!

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