Resident Evil 3 Remake reviews - What are the critics saying

Resident Evil 3 Remake reviews - What are the critics saying

By  Sam Jones - 3rd Apr 2020

Resident Evil 3 Remake reviews - What are the critics saying

Resident Evil 3 Remake reviews - What are the critics saying

The city is in chaos, everyone's turning into flesh-eating zombies and there's some huge mutated creature carrying a rocket launcher around... just your average day in Raccoon City!

The Resident Evil 3 Remake has finally arrived, one year on from the 'Overwhelmingly Positive' Steam rated Resident Evil 2 Remake and over 20 years since the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis arrived on the PlayStation. The game focuses on S.T.A.R.S. team member Jill Valentine, a protagonist from the first Resident Evil game, who is unfortunate enough to be in Raccoon City when a mass virus outbreak turns civilians into dreaded zombies.

On top of that, Jill is also being pursued by the Nemesis, a Tyrant creature that has been bonded with a parasitic lifeform - resulting in a relentless, intelligent predator. The game launched today (April 3rd, 2020) for Steam PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and many of you will already be battling your way through the hordes of monstrous foes that the game throws at you.

Perhaps you haven't picked up the game yet, maybe you're waiting to see what the reviews are like before purchasing. We gave our own review of what the remake got right, but if you're wondering what the critics been saying about Capcom's new remastered survival horror action title, you can find out below!

What are the critics saying about the game?

What are the critics saying about the game?

At the time of writing, the Resident Evil 3 Remake had scored 'Generally favorable reviews' on Metacritic with a top overall score of 80.

The Digital Fix - "Resident Evil 3 is a worthy successor to the Resident Evil 2 remake in every respect. A perfect reimagining and one of the best entries in the Resident Evil franchise" - 100/100

Atomix - "As last year's Resident Evil 2, this remake of Resident Evil 3 is an almost impeccable work from Capcom, redefining the meaning of what a remake is. A letter of love for all the fans out there" - 95/100

Hobby Consolas - "Resident Evil 3 is a brilliant remake. It is faithful to the original 1999 PSX game, with updated gameplay and graphics, but Capcom has been able to deepen its storyline, characters and connections with RE2" - 92/100

Gamesplanet - "Capcom has once again delivered an incredible remake of a twenty year old classic. From it's incredible visuals to the excellent action-horror gameplay, the Resident Evil 3 remake succeeds in almost every aspect" - 90/100

TheGamer - "While Resident Evil 3 remains in the shadow of the far superior Resident Evil 2, this reimagining of the action-oriented RE3: Nemesis manages to capture the series' best qualities and deliver an experience far more memorable than the original" - 80/100

GameStar - "The story is staged in an exciting way and benefits above all from excellently animated characters and expressive characters" - 84/100

PC Invasion - "This is yet another example of Capcom taking an already great property and somehow making something new out of it while still respecting its own source material" - 80/100

Videogamer - "Resident Evil 3 is a play for our imagination as much as our memory. It understands that the fear we felt long ago didn’t fade; it took root in our brains and mutated into myth" - 80/100

GameWatcher - "Resident Evil 3’s remake might not be as surprising as Remake 2, but it is still a fun ride. If you loved the way REmake 2 used the survival horror formula, that same formula continues here with a cool multiplayer mode to boot" - 80/100

ZTGD - "Despite missing a few defining features of the original, Resident Evil 3 makes for a thrilling experience that I’m sure will be enjoyed by both veterans of the series and new fans alike" - 80/100

Cultured Vultures - "Resident Evil 3 is a mostly superb remake of a horror classic with many clever spins on the formula and fluid, enthralling gameplay. I just wish there was more of it" - 80/100

Grab your Resident Evil 3 Remake Steam PC key now!



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