Save the Date for Safe In Our World Charity Bundle 2024!

Save the Date for Safe In Our World Charity Bundle 2024!

By  Violet Plata - 2nd Feb 2024

Get a bunch of cool games while also making a difference! It’s a win-win.

Save the Date for Safe In Our World Charity Bundle 2024!

Our cooperation charity bundle with the folks over at Safe In Our World is officially available for you to purchase. This bundle of 26 games offers a variety, including indie and AAA, and even award-winning titles! But before we get into them and the price, let's talk a bit more about the charity's mission.

Throughout the last few decades, we've become much more aware of mental health and the impact it can have on people. As we've become more understanding of the problem, we've also sought all sorts of solutions on how to help those struggling and how to clear the stigma around it! The main goal of the Safe In Our World charity is to bring relief through games by inviting developers and publishers to bring light to the struggles of mental health through the stories they tell in their games and the environment they offer to those in their teams and companies. Aside from this, they also conduct primary and secondary research into the effects that videogames have on those struggling.

This is a great cause to invest in, as we all know how much games can help through trying times. So, if this sounds like a cause you'd like to support, let's talk a bit about what sort of games you can take home and at what price!

For £15.00/$15.00/€15.00, you'll receive a total of 26 games, ranging from indies to AAA and all sorts of genres, from platformers to turn-based tactics! You'll find a lot of recognisable names in it as well, and even some award-winning ones. Some great examples are Vampire Survivors, Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, Stick Fight: The Game, GYLT, Kitaria Fables, and OlliOlli World! This is a great way to contribute to the cause and also get some great titles along the way that'll help you through tough times, too.For those who haven't heard yet from our X account, the Safe In Our World Charity Bundle 2024 will be ready for everyone on the 5th of February! While we can't tell you all the details (we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!), we can tell you it is the biggest in their history yet!

Lastly, we'd like to thank Safe In Our World for keeping us in mind for their charity bundle! And, of course, thank you, too, for contributing to their mission.

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