Saibot Studios reveal DOOM inspired PC shooter - Hellbound

Saibot Studios reveal DOOM inspired PC shooter - Hellbound

By  Sam Jones - 9th Nov 2017

Saibot Studios announce closed beta for 90s style first-person shooter

Saibot Studios reveal DOOM inspired PC shooter - Hellbound

The developer behind the psychological horror Doorways series has unveiled a new trailer and closed beta information for their new game, Hellbound.

Inspired by the likes of DOOM, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, Hellbound pays homage to first-person shooters of the 1990s. Players will control Hellgore - a brute who wields heavy weaponry in his quest to cleanse Hell of its demonic creatures.

Although further character and story details have not been revealed just yet, Saibot Studios posted on the official Hellbound website: "It's GROTESQUE! Focused in action, speed and gore. The game is going to arrive very soon with a Survival Mode.

"You will fight against hordes of enemies in a small island until you're done. We, Saibot Studios, want to make a much bigger game, with a Single Player Campaign and Multiplayer Modes. But we make no promise right now, since it will depend on how things go in terms of money."

Players who want to take part in the closed beta can register here

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