Save up to 90% on Steam games with the Fanatical Spring Sale

Save up to 90% on Steam games with the Fanatical Spring Sale

By  Sam Jones - 11th Mar 2019

Get more games for your money this season with Fanatical

Save up to 90% on Steam games with the Fanatical Spring Sale

It's here, the Fanatical Spring Sale has arrived - bringing you some major discounts on top AAA and indie Steam games, exclusive bundles, and flash offers!

Helping your library 'blossom', we're slashing prices on 1,500 games across the two-week event, with day one featuring Steam games from Warner Bros, SEGA and Capcom.

Join the hunt and take on dangerous beasts with the award-winning action RPG Monster Hunter: World (-40%), experience a thrilling story of revenge in open-world duo Shenmue I & II (-37%) and see two action-packed remastered PC ports in all their glory with the Bayonetta + Vanquish Pack (-68%).

Build the greatest stellar empire with the 4X strategy Endless Space 2 Collection (-68%), dive into a fast-paced action shooter featuring a live action show with Quantum Break (-75%), and shred metal in the ultimate driving playground with racing sim Wreckfest (-50%).

Become a master assassin and experience addictive stealth action gameplay, plus all expansions, with HITMAN 2 - Gold Edition (-37%), and see an iconic fighting franchise come to PC for the first time with all-new gameplay mechanics in SoulCalibur VI (-40%).

With best-ever discounts and exclusive coupons, you can save up to 90% in the Spring Sale. Even better, there’s an extra 10% off when you use the FANATICAL10 coupon code, with additional discounts for those who have signed up to the Fanatical Newsletter.

As part of our day one launch, we've also unveiled the Build Your Own Retro Bundle - which gives gamers the chance to select up to 19 classic SNES games, starting from just $1.99!

There's also the chance to pick up action-adventure Yakuza 0 at the best ever price for 48 hours (ending March 13th). With this Steam game, you’ll take on the role of protagonists Kazuma Kiryu – a man who finds himself in a world of trouble when a simple debt collection goes wrong and his mark winds up murdered – and Goro Majima, trying to live his life as the proprietor of a cabaret club.

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