The Guerrilla Collective 2023 Overview

The Guerrilla Collective 2023 Overview

By  Jon Wilson - 8th Jun 2023

We’re here to get you up to speed!

The Guerrilla Collective 2023 Overview

The Guerrilla Collective is officially back for 2023, and with this excitement comes a slew of new game announcements featuring a multitude of different developers and publishers. So we’re here to cover it all for you! Jaye Watts and Justin Woodward hosted the event and brought a ton of excitement along with them.

Terra Memoria

Discover the world of Terra in Terra Memoria, an adventure game from publisher Dear Villagers and indie game studio La Moutarde.

Sengoku Dynasty

Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Japan and build it up from scratch with all the samurai tropes you can ask for in Sengoku Dynasty. The game will be releasing in Q2 2023 for Early Access!


The first world premiere of the Guerrilla Collective stream was Forgotlings, a new metroidvania from the makers of Forgotton Anne. It’s coming in 2024.

Evolutis Duality

We didn’t see much gameplay of Evolutis Duality, but it’s still looking like an action-packed experience that’s coming from Poke Life Studio.


Do you love Ghibli-inspired art styles and the ability to fly around the world with the help of your trusty paraglider? Well, do we have the game for you! Europa is coming in 2023.

Light Odyssey

Now, here is a dark and spooky videogame. Light Odyssey features top-down action and an overly black colour palette. It’s coming in 2023.


Do you love games like Doom? Do you love shooting? Then Abyssus should be your jam but unfortunately it has no release date as of right now.

A Tiny Sticker Tale

This game features adorable animal characters and what looks to be some inventive puzzles. No release date was given for A Tiny Sticker Tale. Make sure you check out the demo available on Steam now if you’re interested in trying this cute adventure out!

Dwarf Delve

Dwarf Delve looks to be fulfilling the dream of becoming a miner that all of us have at some point in our lives. With destructible environments and an arsenal of tools at your disposal, you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

Remnant 2

Set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s filled with demons just waiting to be blasted to kingdom come from a third-person perspective, Remnant 2 is coming in Summer 2023.

Iron Meat

This game looks like it came straight out of the arcades from the 1980s with its pixelated graphics, fast-paced action and tons of platforming sections, Iron Meat is blasting its way to our screens on the 17th of October of this year. If you’re eager, you can try out the demo available now on Steam to learn more about the game!

Hammerwatch II

Fans of dungeon crawlers and expansive levelling systems should definitely check Hammerwatch II out. It is coming soon.


Another retro-inspired title, Annalynn is available now on the Nintendo Switch!

Super Space Club

This looks like a fun arcade shoot ‘em up with tons of fast-paced action requiring knee-jerk reactions again and again. Super Space Club flies its way into the cockpit on the 4th of August 2023.

Toxic Crusaders

Fans of beat ‘em ups will be happy to know that Toxic Crusaders hasn’t forgotten about that genre, as it’s bringing back the arcade-style gameplay and pixelate visuals that we have grown to love. Tromaville still needs your help, and you will be able to offer it when the game releases sometime in 2024!


30XX is bringing back that 1990s Capcom vibe with what looks like a ton of powerups and so much happening on screen we couldn’t even comprehend it all. Already in Early Access on Steam, it’s also coming later this year to Nintendo Switch, prepare to start your way to the finish line.


Here is a unique take on the RPG genre featuring a cute little wizard and some clever writing and battle mechanics. Leximan talks its way to our PCs in 2024. But if you construct the words just right, you can try out Leximan now with a demo on Steam!


In a funny live-action trailer, Antonblast was shown off, and it looks like another solid 2D platformer with stylised visuals. We don’t know the date yet, but you can try it out via the free demo right now.


Fans of the survival game genre will be happy to hear that another title is on the way and it’s called Serum. Play from the first-person and fend off animals with the power of drugs. No release date yet, though.

Do You See Sparky?

Do you love spooky games? Do you love titles that play in the first-person perspective and immerse you in their weird little worlds? Well, here you go. Do You See Sparky? was announced in the showcase without a release date.


WORLD OF HORROR does something a little different and requires the player to talk instead of shoot. It’s shouting into action on the 19th of October 2023.


Set in Milton, Missouri, Pneumata looks to be another solid indie horror title. It, unfortunately, doesn’t have a release date yet.

Battle Shapers

This looks like a fun and colourful first-person shooter title that features some exuberant characters. Battle Shapers is coming in the Summer of 2023.


You’re not done yet, Deadlink tells us. So it’s time to ready your weapon in yet another first-person shooter with an interesting visual style that has its full release on the 27th of July 2023.

Blood West

Wow, zombies and cowboys? Blood West didn’t have any gameplay in this showcase, but it definitely has a nice mix of styles. After a little more than a year in Early Access, we can expect the game to fully release sometime in December!


Demonschool seems like a fun RPG with a colourful cast of characters that is releasing sometime this year.

Quest Master

Mixing Super Mario Maker and The Legend of Zelda together is no easy task, but hopefully, Quest Master can pull it off with its pleasant visuals and multitude of items played from a top-down perspective. Although we don’t know the release date of this title yet, there is a demo available for eager gamers looking forward to trying the game out on Steam!


Engage in action-filled combat with your big sword and big blue hair in SacriFire’s 3D pixel art style. No release date yet.

A Bonnie Odyssey

Take a load off and sit back and enjoy this charming videogame called A Bonnie Odyssey. Explore the world from a first-person perspective and talk to adorable robot creatures when this title releases sometime in the near future.

Dark Deity II

Dark Deity II features turn-based combat that’s reminiscent of the classic Fire Emblem games. We don’t know the release of it quite yet, but you can wishlist this sequel to the original game right now.


If you’re a fan of art styles and dungeon crawlers that have a cute art style, then you’ll be happy to know that WrestleQuestexists and even happier with the knowledge that the game has a demo available to play on Steam!

Grifford Academy

Looking like a Persona game with more of a Western influence, Grifford Academy follows a ragtag group of students battling magical monsters on an epic quest! It’s available to Wishlist now, but has no release date.

Toads of the Bayou

Here is yet another turn-based strategy game, but in this one, you play as toads! Toads of the Bayou gets points for its choice of playable characters, and those excited for it will be happy to know that the game has a 2024 release date and a closed playtest you can sign up for now!

Arc Seed

Arc Seed is an RPG that’s played from a top-down perspective where you battle huge robots. You can wishlist it right now.

Crashlands 2

Crashlands 2 is coming in 2024, and it’s played from an overhead perspective. This game also features role-playing and crafting elements and is the sequel to the first game from 2016.

Deck of Souls

Deck Souls is a card-based strategy game. You’ll be happy to know that it looks to continue the upgrade and medieval trope of the genre that you’ll get to play in Q2 2023!

Yomi 2

Become the best Yomi Player in the city in this card-based strategy game. Yomi 2 is set to release on the 27th of June, 2023.


Build title after tile in this laid-back strategy game. Growth is coming soon and has a demo available for players to try out right now!

Nova Lands

Nova Lands features a cute visual style and what looks to be an addicting base-building mode that is coming out on the 22nd of June of this year!

Jumplight Odyssey

Here is something we don’t see every day. A spaceship simulator! You can wishlist Jumplight Odyssey right now.

Don Duality

Manage your mafia and make tons of cash in Don Duality. Is that not enough for you? Well, you can also hire cooks! Check out the game now with a demo available right now on Steam!

CorpoNation: The Sorting Process

CorpoNation: The Sorting Process is an in-depth narrative-driven management sim that you can play the prologue of right now.

Kingdom Eighties

Coming on the 26th of June, Kingdom Eighties looks like it came straight right out of Stephen King’s Stand By Me book. And that’s just awesome.

Sticky Business

Sticky Business has cute characters and dinosaurs galore and is coming sometime this year.

Super Adventure Hand

Here is a weird little game where you play as a disembodied hand that crawls all over the environment. Super Hand Adventure has no release date but does have a demo that you can try out right now!

A Corgi’s Cozy Hike

Play as an adorable little corgi in this exploration-focused title called A Corgi’s Cozy Hike with a release date of Q4 of this year, so you’ll be controlling cute puppers in no time!

Lake Season’s Greetings

Feeling festive? Lake Season’s Greetings, the first expansion for Lake,might just be the game for you. Set in a small town that’s covered in snow, have a relaxing drive around in your van and talk to your neighbours when this game releases in the holiday season.

Pizza Possum

Like pizza? And what about co-op? Well, if you like both, then Pizza Possum might be the one for you. The game will be joining the upcoming Steam Next Fest on the 19th of June, including the co-op mode so you can eat through the entire town with a buddy!

Noun Town

If you want to expand your lexicon, you’ll be happy to know that Noun Town is available to wishlist right now with a playtest you can request access to if you’re eager!

Olliefrog Toad Skater

Take to the grind rails and skate as an adorable little frog in Olliefrog Toad Skater. The demo is available now.

Lil Guardsman

Explore a sprawling kingdom and meet an abundance of characters whenLil Guardsmanreleases this Summer with a demo you can get into right now… if you bribe the guard enough, that is!

Bye Sweet Carole

Bye Sweet Carole was announced, and it looks to be a tearjerker. If you’ve been needing a good cry, you might want to check this one out.

A Void Hope

A Void Hope takes place in a dark pipe system. You play as a young boy surrounded by scientists. Find out what it’s all about on the 19th of June.

Death Trick: Double Blind

Death Trick: Double Blind tasks the player with uncovering mysteries in a dark fantasy setting with a cast of intriguing personalities. Request access to the demo now to start solving the mystery!

Three Minutes to Eight

This looks like a spooky experience. Set in a rainy and cloudy world, Three Minutes to Eight is coming in Q4 2024!


Nivalis features fishing and a cyberpunk world? What more could you ask for? No release date for it, though.

Heart Abyss

Heart Abyss features bloody combat and lots of sword action. You also play as a guy with bunny ears and is available to wishlist right now.


Promenade is coming to consoles in 2023 with its adorable art style and tons of little details scattered throughout its world.


Nocturnal is available now! Get ready to swing your fire whip and fend off the evilest of foes.


Battle it out with kicks and punches in this 3D fighter called Coreupt.

Crypt Custodian

In Crypt Custodian you play as a cat exploring the darkest of dungeons when it releases in 2024.

Gori Cuddly Carnage

Rip and tear as a cat with a hoverboard in this action-packed title known as Gori Cuddly Carnage. Check out the demo available on Steam now if you want to try the game ahead of its release!


Continuing with the gore trend, here is a brutal title called Grimeis getting a new update called  Tinge of Terror, featuring lots of upgrades to sink your teeth into. The update is out now for everyone to enjoy!

Dawn of the Monsters

Dawn of the Monsters is getting an update coming soon to all consoles and PC with all of its arcadey action and a multitude of modes,

And that is all of the games announced in the Guerrilla Collective showcase! Keep it locked here on Fanatical for more gaming news and features.

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