Shadow Warrior 3's brutal mission reveal trailers have serious DOOM Eternal vibes

Shadow Warrior 3's brutal mission reveal trailers have serious DOOM Eternal vibes

By  Sam Jones - 11th May 2021

Absolute carnage - and we're loving it!

Shadow Warrior 3's brutal mission reveal trailers have serious DOOM Eternal vibes

If your idea of fun is dashing around a frantic level filled with blood thirsty enemies who can be ripped apart with over the top weapons and brutal finishers, then you don't want to miss out on Shadow Warrior 3.

The offbeat FPS from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital, which is set to launch later this year, features stunning Japanese folklore inspired locations that will see gamers entering fast-paced gunplay action - with razor-sharp melee combat and a spectacular free-running movement system. The game follows the adventures of fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang, and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla, as they embark on a mission to recapture an ancient dragon that the duo unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison... oops!

From early footage, we're definitely getting DOOM Eternal vibes from this one due to the sheer gore, destruction and action-packed shooting that takes place. We've already seen a brief snippet of weapons that Lo Wang will be using, including a katana, ground-shuddering axe, dual submachine guns and a powerful revolver.

While a release date hasn't been confirmed just yet, Devolver has dropped some brutal sneak peeks at some of the levels you'll be jumping into, as well as the baddies standing in your way and, more importantly, the gruesome that you'll be annihilating them with. Check out the mission and levels that have been revealed so far below.

'Doomsday Device' mission

Taking place on a new moonlit mountainside level, the 'Doomsday Device' mission shows the larger-than-life Gassy Obariyon, which wields dual hand cannons and uses harisens as wings. Players are able to use a grapple wire to pull out a Gore Weapon from its body called 'Double Trouble', a pair of gatling gun-type weapons that will turn enemies into mush.

The trailer also shows off some pretty satisfying environmental kills that will take the pressure off your ammo supply. A block appears in a central position of the map that, when interacting with the glowing emblems (shooting or melee), will draw in spinning blades from three at angles.

'That Damn Dam' mission

In the 'That Damn Dam' mission, Lo Wang begins his frenetic journey to the top of the titular dam, where the demonic Seeking Shokera is eagerly awaiting his arrival. This floating enemy specialised in ranged combat and use a variety of projectile attacks to keep players grounded.

Knock him down a few pegs, and you'll soon be able to grapple aboard his little floating device and brutally smash open his head to unlock a new Gore Weapon... the 'Seeking Eye'. This weapon is a mash-up between a Shuriken and Yondu's Yaka arrow from Guardians of the Galaxy - as it hones in on a nearby enemy and sends them up into the air, giving the player a few seconds to unleash devastating attacks.

For Arena Kills, this mission features a huge spiked wrecking ball and spinning floor blades that rotate around a central pagoda, causing havoc to ground and aerial enemies.

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