Sniper Elite 5: How to Accomplish All Kill Challenges

Sniper Elite 5: How to Accomplish All Kill Challenges

By  Mike Crewe - 27th Jun 2022

Looking for some quick tips on how to beat each Kill Challenge in Sniper Elite 5? Well, look no further!

Sniper Elite 5: How to Accomplish All Kill Challenges

Mission 1 Kill Challenge

Beckendorf is driving around the town to the west, and once his location has been marked it’s up to you to decide what your explosive method of choice will be.

Throw some proximity mines down, or a well-timed grenade will work just as well when he decides to park up.

Mission 2 Kill Challenge

Kummler can be found in the ballroom on the east side of the chateau. Locate the chandelier, and snipe the chain holding it up once he’s stood underneath. Try throwing a bottle to lure him underneath!

Alternatively, knock the poor guy out and place him underneath the chandelier before shooting it down.

Mission 3 Kill Challenge

Taking down Richter with a melee stealth attack can be tricky. First you have to reach him without being detected, so save often!

In the chapel you’ll find a guard on a balcony. Take him out and loot him to gain the key to the room Richter is in. Get inside and stay hidden until the group starts to leave. Richter will lag behind, giving you enough time to creep up and take him out.

Mission 4 Kill Challenge

In the Resistance Safehouse, you’ll find the Rat Bomb upstairs. At the area Elrich is patrolling you’ll see him standing near some shelves complaining about rats. Once he leaves, you should see a white outline of a rat on the floor, which is precisely where your Rat Bomb needs to be placed. Once he spots what he thinks is a rat, it’s game over for Elrich!

Mission 5 Kill Challenge

You can find Baumann in a small shack on the lower left side of the construction site. Wait until he’s alone and perform a non-lethal takedown, and pick up his body. Close to the entrance of the building you’re in is a pit full of unset concrete; from there it’s as straightforward as dumping Baumann into it.

Mission 6 Kill Challenge

In the mansion Trautmaan is hiding in, you’ll find some poison next to the stairs on the ground floor. Up these stairs you’ll spot a table with a glass you can interact with. Beside this is a bell, which you need to ring to get Trautmaan to come out of his room. Make sure you hide and observe as he downs the poison.

Mission 7 Kill Challenge

In the weapons lab is an area with wind turbines. Above them is the V2 rocket suspended from the ceiling. Jungers will occasionally pass underneath, letting you snipe one of the chains and crush him.

A quicker method is to knock him out — your target can usually be found in an office upstairs — before leaving your victim under the V2 and shooting the chain.

Mission 8 Kill Challenge

Begin the level with the Type 100 submachine gun (unlocked by completing the fifth Kill Challenge) and take Yoshikawa out once you reach his location.

Don’t have the Type 100 yet? No problem, as close to the area where your target is will be a Type 14 pistol just waiting on a crate for you to pick up!

There we go, all eight of Sniper Elite 5’s Kill Challenges and how to accomplish each of them. Nothing too difficult right? Now, get out there and hunt those Nazis down, and more importantly, enjoy those unlockable weapons!

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