Sniper Elite 5 Invasion Game Mode Explained

Sniper Elite 5 Invasion Game Mode Explained

By  Mike Crewe - 5th May 2022

A brand new mode for the series, but what exactly is it?

Sniper Elite 5 Invasion Game Mode Explained

Sniper Elite 5 is out later this month, and with the brand-new Invasion Mode adding to the gory fun, it’s shaping up to be potentially the best game in the series! But what exactly is this new mode?

There’s a good chance you’ll have come across similar modes in other games before, such as ELDEN RING or DEATHLOOP. What Invasion Mode allows you to do is, well, invade other players’ campaigns as an Axis sniper. The only aim as an invading player is to eliminate the person whose game you’ve joined, which in turn grants you rewards such as new weapons and skins for completing your objective.

Defending players will also have an opportunity to earn some rewards, as they are informed of an invading player and are tasked with hunting them down and taking them out. Defending players can also call on the aid of a friend as a co-operative variant of the mode will also be available; this increases the challenge for the Axis sniper by giving them two players to eliminate, but it also comes with increased rewards!

To make things more interesting, the Axis player can use the AI soldiers to locate the enemy, and instruct them to “stay sharp”, heightening their awareness. For the Allied soldier, items scattered around the map can be used to discover the location of the invader. Just be careful of potential booby traps!

Additional XP is gained if you have Invasion Mode enabled, although it isn’t mandatory; those of you that prefer to keep the invaders out will be pleased to know there will be an option to disable it entirely.

Is this a mode you’ll get a kick out of? I’m usually firmly in the camp of keeping my single-player games strictly solo, but I’ll definitely be giving this a go when Sniper Elite 5 releases on 26th of May!

Will you be trying this mode too? Make sure to check the game out!

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