Sniper Elite 5 reviews are in - What are the critics saying?

Sniper Elite 5 reviews are in - What are the critics saying?

By  Andrew Duncan - 26th May 2022

The reviews are in!

Sniper Elite 5 reviews are in - What are the critics saying?

Sniper Elite 5 is here, and the reviews are in! Fans of sniping Nazis have been waiting quite a while to get their hands on this game, so let’s waste absolutely no time in getting into this!

Here’s just a selection of what the critics are saying about Sniper Elite 5!

What have the critics said so far?

Sniper Elite 5 currently has a score of 81 based on 25 critic reviews, at the time of writing this article.

“With so much to do, collect, and kill, I don't know how I'll be putting down Sniper Elite 5 any time soon.” GameGrin 10/10

“In many ways Sniper Elite 5 is Sniper Elite 4 with a few new features and a fresh coat of paint, and I'm happy that this is the case. Except for the kill cam novelty having entirely worn off at this point, most of the gameplay still feels fresh. Sneaking around and lining up shots are equally rewarding, and the large, open levels give you plenty of freedom to tackle each objective in the way that you want. Sniper Elite 5 provides players with the necessary tools to feel like an elite sniper who's using superior tactics and stealth to take down a bunch of Nazis, and the game has certainly hit the bull's-eye.” Worth Playing 9/10

Sniper Elite 5 is the best game in the series so far. Its intricately designed levels, deep weapon customization system, and satisfying gameplay offer hours upon hours of entertaining ways to kill Nazis. After five games, the game's story and character development still feel too underdeveloped, making every mission blend together in an unending series of contextless kill cams and gravelly voiced one-liners, but if you don't care about any of that then you will still find a lot to enjoy.” EGM 4/5

“With its large and well executed environments, Sniper Elite 5 is a strong follow up to 2017’s previous entry in the series, with a healthy balance of open-ended approaches and a clear direction. Maps are large enough to revisit and rediscover new areas  as well as acting as an endless playground to perform trick shots and discover its secrets.The Independent 8/10

Sniper Elite 5 is still a satisfying and spectacularly gross way to shoot Nazis in their nether regions, but it feels like the series needs to start aiming its sights a little higher.” IGN 7/10

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