Sonic Superstar Reviews Are In — What Are Critics Saying?

Sonic Superstar Reviews Are In — What Are Critics Saying?

By  Nox - 17th Oct 2023

Quick! See them reviews!

Sonic Superstar Reviews Are In — What Are Critics Saying?

The latest entry to the Sonic franchise is finally out now! This time around, SEGA's gone back to its origin with a game that celebrates and honours the classic 2D high-speed platformers! Check out what the critics are saying:

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GLHF — 9/10

Reviewer: Ryan Woodrow 

"After it became clear that a Sonic Mania sequel was never happening, I resigned myself to the fact that we'd never see another 2D Sonic game anywhere near that good ever again, but I'm thrilled to say I was wrong."

Ryan mentions from the start that he's been disappointed with SEGA's games for a while, but he is pleasantly pleased with this newest game! Even the 3D models managed to smite him despite his preference of pixelated ones.

The Machine Games — 9/10

Reviewer: Emanuele Feronato

"Those who expected major innovations in Sonic Superstars should not have expected major innovations in Sonic Superstars. Sonic always remains Sonic, precisely because he is Sonic. New heights have been reached in this particular type of level design, which alternates sections in which the hedgehog splashes like a pinball, apparently without any possibility of control on our part, with almost pixel perfect movements in which excellent timing is also required ."

Although we couldn't read Emanuele's review because it's in another language, Metacritic translated the verdict nicely enough that we can understand he is happy with what SEGA's done! After all, he is right — Sonic Superstarsreally accentuates and honours what we know to be Sonic!

IGN Spain — 9/10

Reviewer: Rafa del Río

"Sonic Superstars returns to 2D in a brand new adventure set in an all-new world with mind-blowing effects and 4-player local and online multiplayer."

Thankfully, I got to read this one because I know Spanish, and it was a lovely review. Rafa speaks of how Sonic is tied to his heart with nostalgia strings of friends from 30+ years now, who he fondly remembers playing the original entries with. We're happy he finally got another entry he enjoyed!

Digital Chumps — 8.8/10

Reviewer: Will Silberman

"In my review for Sonic Origins Plus, I praised SEGA for finally adding Amy to the playable cast of characters. Sonic Superstars takes it up a notch by letting players freely (yes, freely) swap between using Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. These characters have characteristics, too: Sonic is the same hedgehog we've become accustomed to all of these years. Tails can fly/hover and can defeat enemies mid-flight. This is a massive departure from previous games where coming into contact with an enemy relieves Tails of the rings he's collected. Knuckles can glide through the air and scale walls. Amy? She can double jump and her hammer broadens her character sprite so that it's easier to attack enemies. If you're wondering – playing as Amy is playing on Easy Mode, but that's not a bad thing."

Yet another reviewer — whose passion for the franchise is palpable — went into the new entry with trepidation. Thankfully, Sonic Superstars surpassed his expectations! He praises the levels, the changes, and the characters.

Video Chumps

Reviewer: A.J. Maciejewski

"The main aspect that I love about SONIC SUPERSTARS besides it staying as true as it does to the 16-bit originals is just how cute everything is. It's obviously the most adorable Sonic game yet and it made me smile constantly as I played. From charming character animations to colourful environments that really come alive, there's a lot to take in. I mean; lifting up characters as Tails and carrying them around is so cute that it made me want to punch a pillow. Meanwhile, there are character skins you can buy that'll transform Sonic into his bunny predecessor and the other chums into LEGO characters. How cute is that?! Thankfully, the music is oozing with delightful melodies and although it's not particularly catchy, I was impressed with how Genesis-like all of the music remained throughout. "

It seems A.J. was quite smitten by the colour and animations in the game considering his humorous mentions of punching a pillow, and a lot of reviewers agree with him — the graphics are charming and pop out!

Overall, Sonic Superstars has a 76 Metacritic score, and it seems that even the most hardcore fans of the franchise found something to love after years of disappointments.

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