Best Games Releasing in March 2024

Best Games Releasing in March 2024

By  Violet Plata - 7th Mar 2024

I can't keep up with all of these!!

Best Games Releasing in March 2024

Since 2024 is so packed, with a ton of great games already out, we've decided to just condense some of the best upcoming titles releasing in March into an easy-to-digest list! In order of release, here are five games to look out for:

— Star Wars Battlefront: Classic Collection (14th of March)

Star Wars lovers rejoice — Aspyr has created a collection for fans new and old to experience some of the classic STAR WARS Battlefront games! In it, you can find the first and second entries, including Asajj Ventress & Kit Fisto as bonus heroes. Experience the Campaign and Galactic Conquest modes, experience iconic battles from Episodes I-VI, and join the rise of Darth Vader's elite 501st Legion of Stormtroopers, all this month!

— Outcast: A New Beginning (15th of March)

The second game releasing this month is a third-person shooter in an open world! Explore the land of Adelpha, fight back the invading robots, and experience this cult classic that rocked the gamer world 20 years ago now! And one of the most fascinating parts is that the original team behind the first Outcast is the one bringing this newest title to life. 

— Horizon Forbidden West (21st of March)

Fans of PlayStation titles will be happy to know HELLDIVERS 2 won't be the only fantastic game they'll get to play this year, as Horizon Forbidden West is making its way to PC this month! In it, we'll get to experience the dangerous new frontiers alongside Aloy as she tries to uncover how to bring back order and restore the balance of the world!

— Dragon's Dogma 2 (21st of March)

Also coming out on the 21st is the sequel to the beloved story-driven open-world RPG, which is finally here! Fans who have waited since 2016 — almost a decade now! — can continue their adventure through the lands. From the Pawns and the Arisen to the immersive fantasy world, players can expect every great aspect of the original to make it to the sequel! If you're looking for a great adventure, there's no better game to keep an eye on than Dragon's Dogma 2. Find out everything we know about the game in our blog post here!

— Millennia (26th of March)

And last but not least, if you've been itching to set off and conquer, keep your eyes on the 26th of March, as this is when historical turn-based 4X title — Millennia — releases! This newest game by C Prompt Games and Paradox Interactive gives us the chance to experience 10,000 years of history, from the dawn of humanity to what's coming in the future. We can't think of a better way to feel powerful!

We hope you've marked your calendars down for all of these fantastic titles... we know we have!

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