Star Wars: Squadrons trailer released - What we know

Star Wars: Squadrons trailer released - What we know

By  Declan Barry - 15th Jun 2020

May the force be with this first-person co-op dogfighter

Star Wars: Squadrons trailer released - What we know

After the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, dogfighting games are back in the mix for the huge sci-fi franchise. 21 years after the last X-Wing game was released and 17 years on since Rogue Squadron III's launch, you will be back in the cockpit of the famous ship class that Luke Skywalker used to beat the Empire in the films, this October.

In the trailer we saw lots of classic ships from the lore-rich universe, including Imperial Bombers, Y-Wings and an assault on one of the infamous Imperial Star Destroyer fleets. There was also a mention of the New Republic, which places the game’s story after Return of the Jedi and therefore the fall of the Empire. Though given the ships still look similar to that film, we reckon it won’t be far after - similar to the campaign of Star Wars: Battlefront II, which launched in 2017 by Electronic Arts.

The game will see two teams made up of five of the best fighters in the galaxy battling it out for the supremacy of the Galaxy. You will also be able to form a squadron with your friends with co-op mode.

It’s not yet known if you will be able to play as both the New Republic and the Imperials in the single-player campaign, though EA will be showing off more footage during their EA Live event that is scheduled for June 18. But it has been confirmed that this will be one of the first VR compatible games for the publisher - alongside Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond which will exclusively be for Virtual Reality and will release later this year.

Star Wars: Squadrons will also feature a multiplayer element to the game, where players will be able to put on their helmets and go up against fellow pilots in adrenaline pumping dogfights. These battles will be cross-platform, so get channeling your inner Han Solo to compete against every player.

The game is releasing on October 2 for PC via Steam and Origin, Xbox One and PS4 and you can watch the trailer for yourself below.

Star Wars: Squadrons Trailer

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