Strongest Characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Strongest Characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns

By  Danielle Angel - 9th Jan 2023

Disclaimer: I am not a certified pro, despite my best efforts.

Strongest Characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns

If you're looking to get Marvel's Midnight Suns but want to know which are the best characters to level up, then we've got you covered! That said, it's worth noting that if you're aiming to play on higher difficulties and have passed turn-based strategy titles on hard or higher, you're likely better than me. My idea of a good team consists of Captain America, Magik, and The Hunter, primarily based on how much I like them. Without further ado, here were the characters I thought were the best throughout my playthrough, going from weakest to strongest.

NOTE: It is worth noting that, although there definitely is a power disparity between characters, the "weaker" ones aren't bad. You can build a team with the worst characters and still make it through, but you'll definitely have a much stronger team by selecting the strong characters.

#12 — Doctor Strange

More like the Sorcerer bad. Okay, that's a bit harsh, but Stephen Strange does lead up the rear with his cards. Predominantly a support character that generates a lot of Heroic, he can be paired up with a lot of Heroic-focused heroes (like the DPS Light Hunter build). That said, his cards are strongest when you have a lot of stockpiled Heroic, so it sometimes feels like he's a bit of an oxymoron.

As a full-blown support, Doctor Strange is relatively good; bringing back used cards for you to take advantage of them again is a great skill, but it pales in comparison to pure buffs and debuffs that other supports can provide. Damage-wise, Doctor Strange is average, but certainly not my first pick. I guess he really did need the power of the Sanctum Sanctorum for relevancy...

#11 — Ghost Rider

Sparky was my original pick for the weakest character in Marvel's Midnight Suns for a while; he has high-damage abilities but falls short on other cards that aren't attack-focused. His only saving grace, which managed to net him second place for worst character, is his AoE capabilities.

Taking Ghost Rider will definitely cause a lot of hurt... to both enemies and himself. Self-inflicting damage is Ghost Rider’s' speciality despite having no benefits whilst being low health, and instead, a passive that gives him a card the more multikills he gets per turn. This card gets stronger and allows you to chain more enemies (while increasing the card's cost) every time you use it, going even higher than the best chaining abilities. The more chain, the more damage, and — the card has lifesteal, so — more health recovered. This can make him extremely powerful whilst on fights where you get overwhelmed, but the numerous negative effects attached to his cards can be off-putting.

#10 — Spider-Man

Yes, I'm hurt too — Spider-Man is a character I tried taking into as many fights as I could, and he formed part of my main team for the longest time, but he ultimately fell short. Now, Spider-Man isn't weak under any means, with great environmental-focused combat opportunities, but in comparison to some of the characters on this list, he definitely doesn't deserve to rank any higher.

His support abilities can be beneficial but aren't nearly as good as some others. His Peter Tingle can draw more cards, but there are plenty of characters that can do this and more. Environmental damage is his shining point, and getting a good build going for Spider-Man can make him scary in combat, but he's definitely far more dependent on his team than I'm comfortable with.

#9 — Blade

Blade was VERY close to ranking higher on the list, but his usefulness started running short when other characters did his job better — a common downfall for some of the earlier heroes you'll meet in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Now, he has a lot of teams he fits into, and he's definitely a worthy character, but whenever we're talking about min-maxing, Blade'll likely be just a little short.

On the plus side, whenever characters that perform better than Blade are injured, he is one of the best characters to put in as a replacement — Bleed, Lifesteal, and Chain Attacks are significant for just about any team. And, you won't hurt too much from taking Blade with you, should that be your goal.

#8 — Iron Man

Iron Man's role on the battlefield is surprisingly versatile, making him a potential "Jack of All Trades" character. Although he can't be a tank (a gameplay-design choice I was disappointed with, considering he should absolutely have a taunt called "Witty Comment"), his Support, environmental damage, and DPS capabilities are pretty good for whenever you need an adaptable character.

With debuffs to apply to enemies, quick Heroic generation abilities, and cards with knockback, Iron Man's already a good character, and that's before the extra use he adds to the "redraw" mechanic, allowing you to take full advantage of his cards. This passive is one of the best in the game, allowing you to unlock the full potential of his cards for no cost (redraws are free, two per turn!).

#7 — Nico Minoru

Using the Staff of One, Nico Minoru gets the seventh spot due to it being a lucky number! Jokes aside, Nico's Support and DPS capabilities can be a bit haphazard, making it difficult to give her any higher or lower number on the list. Most of her cards have a "roulette" effect that determines a specific stat on the card upon drawing (often the damage or the buff/debuff that'll be cast when used).

Whenever you have bad luck and draw bad cards, Nico isn't a bad character either — her damage is certainly a bit above average, even at her weakest, but when she's strong, she'd easily top this list. High-damage cards, and great support for both offence and defence make Nico Minoru one of the better characters... if you're lucky enough.

#6 — Scarlet Witch

Wanda joins your party rather late into the game, and once she does, you're going to want to keep her around. Although her damage isn't near matching Nico's whenever you roll the high-damage cards, her support abilities and AoE attacks are indispensable.

Keeping your team together and your enemies clustered takes the most advantage of Wanda's powers. Mass debuffs, buffs, and attacks will help you get to the end of any encounter, especially when you have a good group of characters to help you take advantage of her strengths.

#5 — The Hunter

Ranking surprisingly high on the list, The Hunter was a surprise at how good their role was. Full disclaimer, however, in my time playing the game, I was unable to get through a lot of the Dark path for the Hunter, so this score is mostly built on the Light path.

The Hunter's light capabilities are wide and help out a lot in battle. If you want a heavy Heroic damage dealer, Light Hunter can do it. If you want a support with actual healing abilities (a scarce skill), the Light Hunter can do it. If you want to get shields and have a taunt skill... well, you get it. Most importantly, the heal is indispensable in combat, as nearly no other character has healing capabilities, and this prevents a lot of injuries. The Hunter is easily, in my opinion, the best support in the game defence-wise.

#4 — Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers steals every battlefield she's in and shines in every battle. Her Go Binary! card, part of her passive, gives her increased damage and shield until her Block runs out — something you can prevent with the right deck. This opens the roof for damaging capabilities, and paired with her numerous single- and multi-target abilities, she'll be able to dish out a lot of damage on the battlefield.

In combat, she plays as a tank but can easily take over, dealing damage and helping out with focusing on her objective. She may not be the most capable tank in the game, but her damage is definitely nothing to be underestimated.

#3 — Magik

If we were ranking these by fun, too, Magik would be #1, easily! Since we're not, however, she takes third place as the best character in the game due to her numerous capabilities, despite only being a DPS unit. Why? AoE and environmental damage that is unparalleled (and the reason why Spider-Man doesn't rank higher).

Magik can create Limbo portals that launch enemies straight into hazards from anywhere on the battlefield with free Limbo Portal cards. Paired with this, she had so much AoE and so many knockback abilities that it's almost unfair how much she can handle enemies in the game. Knocking them against themselves, hazards, or using her Heroic to unite them makes her a fantastic DPS character, especially when paired with others that also do AoE damage in large areas.

#2 — Wolverine

The first time you take control of Wolverine, you'll know exactly why he belongs here. With his offensive attacks (featuring Lifesteal, Chain, and Taunt), Wolverine is the one that stopped Blade from being higher on this list. His passive lifesteal on cards makes sure that he can survive without a support, and numerous support abilities that allow him to survive in combat means that with Wolverine on your team, you could get away with going a three-DPS setup.

His AoE and single-target damage only barely surpass Magik's environmental capabilities, thanks to the strength he has against bosses. Groups of enemies are nothing to him, thanks to numerous Chain attacks, most of which aren't even Heroic-based. And when they are, the damage is colossal. Not only that but who doesn't want a triple DPS setup?

#1 — Captain America

I make a lot of jokes about being obsessed with Captain America, but this time, I'm being serious; Steve Rogers is the tank that prevents Captain Marvel from scoring any higher. He has a lot of AoE, block, and taunt abilities, but perhaps most importantly, he fills essentially every role in the game.

With tank abilities that'll help take the heat off of your precious DPS and supports, support attacks that enable your other characters, heavy-hitting and Quick attacks to generate more cards, support abilities to give Block to your team, and even AoE that does a bit too much damage, Captain America doesn't fall short in any category. There isn't a team that he can't make a part of, and that makes him undoubtedly the best character in the game.

That’s it for our ranking of superheroes! Don’t let the ranking discourage you, as every hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is viable enough! Don’t let this discourage you from trying your favourite heroes, as they’ll always have a use in combat, and that matters the most!

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