Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn Hands-On Impressions

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn Hands-On Impressions

By  Alana Dunitz - 13th Nov 2023

Is Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC worth checking out, or will it feel drastically different and unconnected from the base game?

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn Hands-On Impressions

Dive back into the fantastical world of Tales of Arise in the Beyond the Dawn expansion. This DLC includes an all-new story arc, adding 20 hours of additional content, new dungeons, and boss fights. You do not need to have completed the base Tales of Arise game, but keep in mind there will be spoilers of how that original story ends.

The story in Beyond the Dawn takes place after the main story ends. The expansion will detect if you have a save file from the original Tales of Arise game, and based on that file, it will advance your progress to the level needed to enjoy Beyond the Dawn, along with letting you adjust the game settings to your play style. 

Shionne and Alphen are still the lead characters that you will be playing as in the Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn. One year has passed, and the Renan and Dahnan’s have joined forces to make a single planet, living harmoniously together. Unfortunately, even though they are all living together, the two races are still holding prejudices against each other. The Renans view Alphen as the destroyers of their rights, while the Dahna revere him as the hero who liberated them.

Alphen and Shionne witness this prejudice first-hand when they see a group of boys chasing a young girl because her father is a Renan lord and her mother a Dahnan slave. This mysterious girl, named Nazamil, has magical abilities, and the heroes take it upon themselves to protect her. To help them with this quest, they rejoin with four other characters from the first title. I won’t spoil who, but you will find out soon enough.

The game gives you a refresher on how the battle system works because even if you played the original game, it’s been a while since then. The Artes system is here once again, and it lets you assign up to three attacks to the Y, X, and A buttons on your controller. These powerful attacks complement your normal attacks, which you can string together to create combos.

The fantastical and beautiful visions from the base Tales of Arise game are here once again. There are impressive monsters to battle and cool-looking Artes to use while battling. There is a selection of new outfits to add to your wardrobe and new recipes to use with your characters when you visit campfires. The selection of this will vary depending on which version of the DLC you pick up. Either way, it’s always fun to customise your character’s wardrobe!

If you were a fan of the original Tales of Arise game, you are sure to enjoy the Beyond the Dawn DLC and interacting with the characters that you love in an all-new story arc!

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn is a beautiful-looking game that continues the story of the first title with an interesting new story arc and new character. If you didn’t complete the original game, no problem; you can still enjoy this DLC!

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