Tales of Arise - Meet the confirmed characters so far

Tales of Arise - Meet the confirmed characters so far

By  Guest - 25th Aug 2021

A mysterious mask. Lost pain and memories... meet the characters orchestrating this new 'Tales of' experience

Tales of Arise - Meet the confirmed characters so far

A good RPG is like nectar to a gamer - they create a world in which the player can fall into headfirst and characters that will simply absorb you.

Bandai's latest action RPG, Tale of Arise, arrives during the Tales of series' 25th anniversary, where gamers will experience a tale of liberation, featuring characters with next-gen graphical expressiveness. With a new graphics shader inspired by anime and watercolor painting styles, exploring the world of Dahna sounds very promising for gamers.

But, of course, a good game needs some memorable characters. On that note, Tales of Arise releases soon and we'd like to introduce you to the main characters and the game confirmed so far.



Alphen will be your playable character throughout the game, the man in the iron mask himself. He’s a slave from the planet Dahna, that was invaded centuries ago by the home planet of your other main protagonist (more on her later).

Alphen has lost his memory and cannot remember anything about his past or his life, which is sure to create conflict with his fellow party members. He wields a sword, able to cleave through even the most hardy of his enemies.



As mentioned before, Alphen is a slave due to an invasion from the home planet of one of the other main characters. Shionne is that main character, with pink hair and bandoliers to destroy her opponents.

Three hundred years ago, her species invaded Dahna, and now she’s forced to team up with one of their people. Shionne is cursed by something known as 'thorns' which as the name suggests causes pain to anyone who touches her.

Think of her like Rogue from X-Men, only without the bad accent or the cool hair.

Other characters & the world

Other characters & the world

We've also seen glimpses of other characters throughout the game, although we currently know very little about them. There’s the mage Rinwell, the fighter Rowe, Dohalim il Quaras and Captain Kisara.

As previously noted, we actually know relatively little about these characters. However, as in many RPGs, the world is a character just as much as any of the actual flesh and blood characters.

It’s a beautiful world, filled with creatures and environments that will flesh out and create a story through environmental storytelling alone. You can go fishing throughout the game, or simply decide to cook different dishes to help your team.

The settings of the game will be multi-faceted. Dahna and Rena will be your core planets, both with key differences.

Rena is much more technologically and magically advanced than Dahna which is how they managed to subjugate the people of the world below in the first place. The people of Dahna seemingly believe Rena is heavenly, and somewhere where only the blessed and the best are able to go.

The stories that the people of Dahna believe state that Rena is a land of the righteous and the divine, so you can see why they’d think something like this.

Join Alphen and Shionne as they determine the fate of these two worlds with your Tales of Arise Steam PC key. Opt for the Tales of Arise: Deluxe Edition or Tales of Arise: Ultimate Edition to get bonus content!

Article by Ryan Easby



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