TEKKEN 7 - Fatal Fury character arrives in latest DLC

TEKKEN 7 - Fatal Fury character arrives in latest DLC

By  Sam Jones - 29th Nov 2017

Villain from the classic arcade fighting series joins the TEKKEN roster

TEKKEN 7 - Fatal Fury character arrives in latest DLC

The TEKKEN 7 roster is already bustling with unique characters, and Bandai Namco have roped in yet another third-party fighter to join the team.

Geese Howard, known from the Fatal Fury games, has been announced as the latest playable character in the popular arcade-style fighting game. The heavy hitter dons his trademark red hakama training pants and white kimono from the original Fighting Series games, appearing as a final boss in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (1991).

The Aikijutsu expert is the second third-party fighter recently announced by Bandai Namco, with the announcement that a popular Final Fantasy character will be playable in 2018.

When will Geese Howard be arriving

Geese Howard will be playable from Thursday (November 30th) as part of the TEKKEN 7 DLC2. He is also available in the DLC1 new mode - Ultimate Tekken Bowl - however, he will not be added to the game's story mode.


Skills to pay the bills


Geese's attacks and skills include a powerful energy projectile called 'Reppuuken', as well as the Soaring Sun Slasher move, which allows Geese to form blades of energy. Players should get to grips with Geese's counter skill, and opponents should be aware of it, due to his training in various Japanese martial arts.

Geese can reverse almost any move and has a tendency to throw enemies, he can also use the Raging Storm move to form a powerful energy field around him by touching the ground - damaging opponents at close range.

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