The best relaxing games for PC Gamers

The best relaxing games for PC Gamers

By  Declan Barry - 25th Jan 2021

Chill with these games that will allow you to go at your own pace

The best relaxing games for PC Gamers

Gaming doesn’t have to be just about action-packed shooters. 

More people are using relaxing video games as a way to escape, and these games are great to kick back with after a hard day at work or school.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Delivering parcels across Europe is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be. The realistic Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes you to the UK, Belgium, Germany, and more as you deliver cargo across the continent.

In the game, you can enjoy real routes to more than 60 European cities as you go behind the wheel of a truck and enjoy the picturesque views of the journey. 

The more deliveries you complete, the larger your fleet of trucks and the more garages you can buy. With an option to also customize your vehicle, so you can keep on truckin’ with your own style.

Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition

The multi-million selling Farming Simulator 19 allows you to develop your farm like no other game. The realistic simulator’s Platinum Edition gives more vehicles and tools to do your job as a master farmer.

You’ll be ploughing your way to success by growing crops, tending to livestock, and managing your farming vehicles in American and European environments. All of this in order to better your farm to get new equipment, crops, and animals.

All of this can be accomplished in your own time, and you can always go and focus on your own aims if you want to. Making it an awesome game to escape with, even if you’re at home.


ABZU takes you underwater in a beautiful adventure.

Play as a diver in a colorful world full of unique species and interact with schools of fish. You’ll be exploring aquatic seascapes of awesome deals in a breath-taking game full of mythology.

The game is great to relax with as you can take your time and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and music.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 allows you to express your creativity better than most games on the market. Whether you’re creating your own characters to extreme levels of depth - such as how high your cheekbones are, to running their lives, and determining their careers, relationships, and happiness.

This game allows you to go at your own pace, and build a virtual life as you play God for your families. Earn money as your characters and you will be able to upgrade your house with complete control of the size, contents, and even the wall colors!

Planet Zoo

Have you ever been to a zoo and been at awe at the massive animals? Well, Planet Zoo allows you to live the life of a zookeeper as you look after your own park.

Construct unique habitats to make your animals feel at home with piece-by-piece construction tools, then help them raise families with scientific research. But, also release new generations into the wild. There are lots of animals to work with, including mighty elephants and ferocious lions.

The game isn’t just about caring for the animals though as you plan exciting visitor attractions from lakes and rivers to mountains and caves. All of which can be done in a Sandbox mode which will give you a laid-back game experience.

PC Building Simulator

Build a PC without spending the money on the expensive parts. PC Building Simulator grants you access to fully-licensed parts that you can use to make your own PC game ‘beast’.

In the game, you will be helping customers by upgrading their PCs, as well as building your own system from scratch. With vast customization options, you’ll have the ability to make colorful builds, as well as ground-breaking PCs with incredible depth.

AVICII Invector

Music is a great way to escape day to day stress.

Feel in the moment with a rhythmic game by one of the biggest DJs. AVICII Invector allows you to traverse a colorful environment to the beat of his most popular tracks. Keep trying and try to beat your high score with 25 beats to choose from.

You can pick up the game, alongside others, in the Reaper Bundle 8.

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