The Elder Scrolls Online - High Isle - What The Elder Scrolls Online Chapters All Add

The Elder Scrolls Online - High Isle - What The Elder Scrolls Online Chapters All Add

By  Pezh J. - 7th Jun 2022

Find out what all of the Chapters add!

The Elder Scrolls Online - High Isle - What The Elder Scrolls Online Chapters All Add

Arriving on the 6th of June to PC, Mac, and Stadia, with a console release following on the 21st of June, High Isle is the latest Chapter for ZeniMax’s MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online. High Isle will provide players access to the eponymous High Isle region, the largest of the Systres Isles, new companions, 30 hours of new story content and much more. With the release just around the corner, new players to the series might be interested in knowing what all the previous Chapter releases added to the already gargantuan MMORPG.


Morrowind was the first Chapter released for The Elder Scrolls Online, providing players a return to Vvardenfell, the setting of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, albeit 800 years before the story of that game. A welcome and nostalgic addition to the game, players were able to visit key locations such as Vivec City and chance upon familiar creatures like the Silt Strider. As well as the massive new region, Morrowind provided players the new ice-based Warden class, new storyline content with quests aiding the Vvardenfell God-King Vivec, access to Battlegrounds, an arena PvP mode, and a whole load of new side-quests and dungeons.


Taking place across the island of Summerset, the second The Elder Scrolls Online Chapter plunged deep into a storyline surrounding the Daedric War, which saw the Daedric triad of Nocturnal, Clavicus Vile, and Mephala plotting to take control of the mortal plane. Along with this main storyline content, players were given the chance to join the mystical Psijic Order (complete with a new set of Skills) and explore their sanctuary, Artaeum. Other additions in the Chapter included the addition of Jewelry Crafting skills, new dungeons, collectibles, and a free player home.


The third Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online saw players venture out to the Khajiit homeland of Northern Elsweyr, allowing exploration of the Scar Desert and the jungles of the Tenmar Borderlands. Included in this Chapter was the next main storyline after the Daedric War, Season of the Dragon, stemming from Rimmen’s Imperial Ruler, Euraxia Tharn, and her plan to release the Dragons held in the Halls of Colossus. Also included in this Chapter were brand-new world events in the form of Dragon Attacks around Elsweyr, new dungeons, a fresh 12-player Trial, and a slew of collectibles.



Returning players to the iconic city of Solitude in the familiar land of Skyrim, as well as dungeons in the caverns of Blackreach, Greymoor focused on the fourth major storyline for The Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Heart of Skyrim. With a gothic-inspired quest line, Greymoor tasked players with unearthing a mysterious threat to Solitude, along with the intrigue of The Gray Host group and High King Svargrim. Alongside the Dark Heart of Skyrim content, Greymoor also included a new treasure hunting activity in the form of the Antiquities system, Harrowstorm world events that required players to work together to stop the dangerous ritual, a rework to the Vampire skill system, plus new dungeons and individual quests.


Released as part of the Gates of Oblivion main storyline, Blackwood granted players access to the Blackwood swamps in the southern regions of Cyrodiil, extending into Black Marsh, the homeland of the reptilian Argonians. Building on the existing content of the Gates of Oblivion questline, Blackwood’s content faced players against the ever treacherous Daedric Prince of all things destructive, Mehrunes Dagon. Along with defending Blackwood from Mehrunes Dagon and his forces, players had to fight back against Dremora in the new Oblivion Portal world events. Another large update in this Chapter was the introduction of the Companions system, allowing NPC Companions to fight alongside players in PvE areas, each with quests to improve their relationship with them. Other additions include new Mythic items and collectibles for the Antiquities system, as well as the Rockgrove 12-player trial.

Best of all, you can get all of these by purchasing The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle!

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