The new additions with Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

The new additions with Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

By  Jacob Sanderson - 4th Jun 2024

Everything new in this version!

The new additions with Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance will include a huge amount of new additions to the base game, basically doubling the amount of content in terms of hours. 

Primarily, the huge new Canon of Vengeance story will tell a new story, with important new characters, Lilith and Yoko Hiromine. This story diverges towards the latter half, leading to entirely new gameplay scenarios and stories throughout its 80-hour average runtime. Lilith leads the Qadištu, a group of demons, who seemingly will take the place of this scenario's antagonists. Yoko was once known as a saint and is incredibly powerful, along with having the ability to use exorcism magic. These two characters, along with the protagonist will prove to be the core driving forces behind the story.

Alongside the launch of Vengeance, two smaller DLC scenarios will be released: Holy Will and Profaned Desert which will follow the story of the earth mother goddess Danu, who is searching for his son, Dagda, and Sakura Cinders of the East which introduces Konohana Sakuya, a woman searching for a hero who can pacify the world, and upon seeing a certain hero within the protagonist, challenges him to a fight. Completing these will earn you new allies.

Both scenarios also contain updates, primarily quality of life changes:

  • Increased Level Cap — The possibility to increase the level cap to 150 for both the protagonist and your demons once certain conditions are met.
  • Increased speed of Skill Cutscenes — The player will be given the option to increase the speed of all Skill Cutscenes, to either x2, Max or a total skip option.
  • Miracle Toggling — The player will be able to toggle parts of Miracles on and off.
  • Protagonist Stat Reallocation — There will be a new item allowing the Protagonist's stats to be reset and reallocated.
  • Minimap rotation — The previously locked minimap is now able to be rotated.
  • Save Anywhere — The player will be able to save anywhere, instead of just Leyline Founts.
  • Batch use of Consumables — The player will be able to use certain consumable items in batches.

Along with the bigger changes, to keep everything fresh Atlus are adding upwards of 40 new demons, a new dungeon and a bunch of new demon interactions, between both new and old demons. 

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