The Ridden (Zombies) to slay in Back 4 Blood

The Ridden (Zombies) to slay in Back 4 Blood

By  Declan Barry - 14th Oct 2021

Be careful as no Ridden is the same!

The Ridden (Zombies) to slay in Back 4 Blood

The spiritual successor to one of the best zombie franchises of all time is here! Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. Games have teamed up to bring a new way for you and your squad to take down the hordes of parasite-infected humans now known as Ridden.

In Back 4 Blood, you'll be facing off against big, scary, and downright aggressive Ridden who will pose different challenges for your squad with their variety of moves and weaknesses. In this article, we'll be giving you the intel for you to load up and slay these terrifying creatures.

Common Infected

Common Infected

Common Ridden are the most basic and frequently faced members of the Ridden, and the easiest to defeat. Their strength lies in the fact that they attack in hordes.

Types of Common Infected Ridden:

  • Ridden
  • Armored Ridden
  • Charred Ridden
  • Blighted Ridden
  • Jogger Swarm
  • Runners
  • Sprinters
  • Shambling Ridden Swarm



Tallboys are large-statured Special Ridden with an oversized, club-like arm. As their name suggests, they stand taller than other non-boss Special Ridden and are easily identifiable in a horde due to their height.


Bruisers are belligerent Special Ridden that can unleash a devastating combination of attacks.


Crushers are aggressive Special Ridden that can capture isolated Cleaners in their arm and squeeze them to death.



Stingers are nimble Special Ridden that can spit acidic projectiles to encumber Cleaners. They are far more agile and mobile than other Special Ridden and are capable of leaping onto and climbing walls to reach their target.


Stalkers are nimble Special Ridden will grab hold of Cleaners and drag them away from their team. They lack the conventional projectile attack that other members of the family possess.


Hockers spit a particularly adhesive projectile that will immobilize any Cleaner that it hits.



Reekers are heavily-bloated Special Ridden that can cover Cleaners in their entrails upon their death, summoning a horde of Ridden to attack. They have a heavier build than other Special Ridden, which also reflects on their inferior mobility.


Exploders are unpredictable Special Ridden that can detonate themselves at any time.


Retches are nauseating Special Ridden that can spit acidic bile to create deadly hazards. Their bile will leave a temporary pool of acid in its wake that will deal continuous damage to Cleaners standing in it.

Passive Special Ridden

Passive Special Ridden

Passive Special Ridden are enemies that can be fought optionally and can be avoided entirely if careful.


Snitchers are passive Special Ridden that, when attacked, will unleash a horde of Ridden with their ear-splitting scream.


Hags are passive Special Ridden that will devour any Cleaner that provokes them.

Boss Infected Ridden

Boss Infected Ridden

Boss Special Ridden are distinguished by their extremely high health, which appears on the HUD, and high capacity for damage.


Breakers are boss-type Special Ridden that possess incredible strength and deceptive agility.


Ogres are boss-type Special Ridden of giant proportions and devastating strength.

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