The Surge 2 reviews - What are critics and gamers saying

The Surge 2 reviews - What are critics and gamers saying

By  Sam Jones - 25th Sep 2019

The scores are in for Deck13's new hardcore action RPG

The Surge 2 reviews - What are critics and gamers saying

There aren't many games that see you savagely chop off enemy limbs for precious loot, but hey, it's a dog-eat-dog world in The Surge 2.

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive's sequel to the hardcore action RPG The Surge arrived this week, which sees you crash-land within the walls of the mysterious Jericho City, where rampaging robots and other merciless foes roam freely. The game evolves from its predecessor with a much larger, immersive environment to explore, as well as a rich character progression and customization, and a huge array of weapons and abilities to use.

As well as using your exo-suit to aid you in combat, allowing you to perform fatal attacks and dismember enemies, you'll also have a customizable drone at your disposal.

So, what have critics and gamers been saying about The Surge 2 so far?

What critics have said about The Surge 2

What critics have said about The Surge 2

At the time of writing, The Surge 2 had received favorable reviews with an overall score of 77 on Metacritic.

Here's what some critics have said about the newly released sequel.

Gamers Heroes - "The Surge 2 combines a rewarding combat system with a fantastic game world to craft one of the best games of 2019. Fans of Soulsborne games shouldn’t hesitate to check this one out" - 90/100

Attack of the Fanboy - "The Surge 2 is an exceptional Soulslike, with top of it’s class combat, stellar level design and a crafting system that makes experimenting fun and simple" - 90/100

The Games Machine - "The Surge 2 is frantic, punishing and moderately performing, to the point of entering in the ranking of the best soulslike" - 85/100

GameStar - "The directional blocking, the new fighting styles and combos, the improvement of the drone abilities and a still highly motivating looting system have inspired and motivated me" - 85/100

Shacknews - "Deck 13 has produced a game that offers genre fans a lot to like. The story and setting is a welcome departure from the swords and sorcery that typically dominate similar titles" - 80/100

GameWatcher - "If you want a sci-fi, difficult timing-based combat game with that unforgiving hardcore Dark Souls touch, you can’t go wrong with The Surge 2" - 80/100

What gamers have said about The Surge 2

What gamers have said about The Surge 2

Gamers have also been heaping praise on the new sequel. Here are some scores from gamers on Metacritic:

scalan15 - "Love it, big step up from the first game, which surprised me out of nowhere. Customization is insane in this game, worth a buy if you have the extra money after buying Borderlands 3" - 10/10

RMBR - "Soulsborne! Excellent game! Highly recommend to all fans of the style. GOTY" - 10/10

RaysOfGrey - "Here's hoping that Surge 2 finally puts this game on the map, because it does deserve a spot" - 10/10

Steam gamers were also pleased with the end product too!

thehelmosengine - "I was looking forward to this for months and I am so happy I had all my expectations met. I'm a happy nerd."

Phoenix Person - "So far it's exactly what I wanted, the core concept of The Surge, but expanded. The environments are dense, the weapons are varied, and the combat is intense. A solid souls-like that has come into it's own."

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