The Top Games of 2022 Ranked By Metacritic

The Top Games of 2022 Ranked By Metacritic

By  Andrew Duncan - 27th Dec 2022

These were the best-scoring games throughout the year

The Top Games of 2022 Ranked By Metacritic

The new year is here, but let’s not forget what came before it with the many fantastic titles released on PC these past 12 months. So, we took a look at Metacritic and found out which titles received the highest critic scores and are presenting the best of the best for you to see!

Persona 5 Royal

With a 95% rating, this JRPG is the best of the best and a game that you should get even if you don’t want to visit a realistic Tokyo!

Elden Ring

One of FromSoftware’s best games with its 94% rating, become the Tarnished yourself and find out why people love it so.

God of War

Standing strong at 93%, see how Kratos pops on this Steam version, and check out the enhancements over the original release.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Head to Crossbell City yourself to find out why this entry in the hit JRPG series received a 90% rating from critics!

Neon White

You’re not on the side of the angels in this game, but that didn’t prevent it from getting a heavenly 90% rating, so parkour off and check it out!


Take control of Kay and explore the industrial swamps of South Louisiana in hopes of finding the lost brother in this gothic point & click adventure with an 89% rating!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Move over Peter Parker, there’s a new Spider-Man in the friendly neighbourhood with a rating of 88%, so get stuck (onto a wall) in!

UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Nathan Drake’s first appearance on PC has garnered an 88% rating, but with more than one game in this collection, surely your personal opinion will be higher!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Lagging behind Miles Morales by a point with an 87% rating, you, too, should take on Doctor Octopus and find out what makes this game so good!


While this may be at the bottom of this list with a rating of 86%, its great swords are as sharp as a Rathian’s teeth, so ready to cut through criticism and prove itself to you!

So that’s the top 10 games from 2022 on PC, according to Metacritic, and better yet, you can buy all of them on Fanatical!

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