Things From Each Book We Want to See in Hogwarts Legacy

Things From Each Book We Want to See in Hogwarts Legacy

By  Mike Crewe - 7th Feb 2023

A magical wish list of fanservice

Things From Each Book We Want to See in Hogwarts Legacy

The Harry Potter books are full of unique and interesting items and characters that really draw the reader into the world of magic. There are numerous things from each that we would love to see in Hogwarts Legacy, but let’s narrow it down to just one per book. Here are seven things we’d like to see in the upcoming open-world action RPG!

The Philosopher's Stone - The Underground Chambers

These chambers, guarded by everyone’s favourite three-headed dog Fluffy, were a series of rooms that housed different defences used in order to protect the Philosopher’s Stone. But what were they used for before the stone was hidden within Hogwarts?

Although they may have been ordinary classrooms, Hogwarts Legacy could get creative with this relatively unknown area of the castle. Could we see a secret duelling club, or a menagerie of magical creatures housed here? It would be great to fully explore these rooms before they were stuffed full of Devil’s Snare and enchanted chess pieces!

The Chamber of Secrets - Phoenixes

The Chamber of Secrets - Phoenixes

It’s unfortunately been confirmed that the eponymous Chamber of Secrets will not feature in Hogwarts Legacy, but how about a Phoenix instead? Whilst it is possible that Fawkes was alive during the time period in which the game is set, having our own unique Phoenix as a pet would be wonderful. Perhaps the tears of said Phoenix can bring the player back from the brink of death after a particularly harrowing duel?

The Prisoner of Azkaban - Time Turners

Hermione may have used her time turner for the most ridiculous of reasons (extra learning and homework? No, thanks!) we feel that our in-game character would put one to much better use. 

Being able to reverse time to attempt a failed mission, or to explore further into the distant past of Hogwarts are both potential uses, just make sure you don’t accidentally bump into your past self!

The Goblet of Fire - Gillyweed

The Goblet of Fire - Gillyweed

Whilst we know that the castle and grounds of Hogwarts will be fully explorable, nothing has been mentioned of the lake (and the creatures that lurk within). With Gillyweed, our protagonist would be able to explore the murky depths of the castle’s lake, and discover a whole other ecosystem not really seen outside of Harry’s second task in the fourth book.

The Order of the Phoenix - Veritaserum

The “truth serum” is a powerful potion when used correctly. Although using it on students is prohibited within Hogwarts, having a particularly tight-lipped student spill the beans (not the Bertie Bott’s kind) to uncover a hidden location, or a new unlockable, would certainly coerce us into breaking that rule.

The Half-Blood Prince - Felix Felicis

The Half-Blood Prince - Felix Felicis

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat entry. We already know that Felix Felicis features as a pre-order bonus and that it will show players where hidden items are located on the map. But what if the potion was the focus of a mission? 

We could all use a bit of extra luck from time to time, so how about a side-quest that gives us the opportunity to experience the positive effects of “liquid luck”? Much like how Harry’s reaction was shown within the Half-Blood Prince film, this could be a fun little mission full of comedic moments that we would love to see!

The Deathly Hallows - Piertotum Locomotor

Most notably used by Professor McGonagall in the Battle of Hogwarts, this charm brings inanimate objects to life. The possibilities with this spell are practically limitless, why not charm a stone statue to terrorise some students? Or perhaps something less sinister, such as animating a quill to copy down notes in yet another tedious History of Magic lesson?

With Hogwarts Legacy coming soon, we expect very few — if any — of this wish list will be featured. But we’ll have to see for ourselves when the game officially releases on 10th February, 2023 or you can gain access it early on the 7th February by purchasing Hogwarts Legacy Digital Deluxe Edition.

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