Things I want to see in Hogwarts Legacy

Things I want to see in Hogwarts Legacy

By  Alana Dunitz - 30th Jul 2022

There are so many great moments in the Harry Potter books and movies, but which of these are memorable enough to be incorporated into the Hogwarts Legacy game? Here are just a few things that I feel would be fun to have in the game:

Things I want to see in Hogwarts Legacy
  • The Sorting Hat — instead of it being totally random what house you are put into, it would be based on a personality quiz that would sort you into the house that you are most suited for, though I would hope that I’m not a Slytherin.
  • Wizard’s Chess battles that have you playing chess with figures that are alive, like when Harry had to play against one of the defences for the Philosopher’s Stone. It would be strategic and feel like you are directing troops in a battle against an opponent!
  • Battles against some of the creatures in the book; it would be fun to take on one of the Mountain Trolls by trying to lure it into a hole in the floor or something a lot scarier like a fight with an Acromantula, the huge spider with a taste for flesh. Personally, I am freaked out by spiders, so getting to destroy one of these creepy creatures and use its venom for potions would be incredibly satisfying!
  • A potion challenge that has you trying to brew a specific potion by finding and gathering all the required ingredients and mixing them to create the requested potion. You could be asked to create a shrinking potion, a Felix Felicis, or even the Elixir of Life, but you never know which one it will be or where you will have to travel to find all the ingredients you need. 
  • A version of Quidditch is definitely needed in the Hogwarts Legacy game; it is the primary sport played at the school, and having the chance to prove your skills on the broomstick would be a ton of fun, especially if you got to compete along with friends or against them online through tournaments and other challenges. This doesn’t need to be the main focus of the game, but having the option to spend more time competing in Quidditch would be great for anyone that is a fan of sports and Harry Potter
  • The choice to pick what kind of magical pet you would like: cats, rats, owls, or toads — you could select the one that you feel would be the best companion for you during your time at Hogwarts.

These are just a few of the things I would love to see included in the new Hogwarts Legacy game!

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