Thymesia — Our Top 5 Plague Weapons

Thymesia — Our Top 5 Plague Weapons

By  Pezh J - 25th Aug 2022

Spoilt for choice when it comes to Plague Weapons? We’ll give you the rundown on some of our favourite!

Thymesia — Our Top 5 Plague Weapons

One of Thymesia’s best features is the variety of Plague Weapons you can use. The assortment of them means that there’s always a weapon that will fit with your particular build or playstyle. Here we’ll go over our top five Plague Weapons, as well as what their upgraded Extended Actions do


The Fist is a quick and unique Plague Weapon in the sense that it’s just a powered punch to the ground. The ultimate crowd-control choice, its relatively quick cast time coupled with its ability to launch surrounding adversaries backwards makes it a crucial selection when facing large hordes of enemies. The decent damage output combined with the sufficient time it grants you to regain composure or heal makes it effective when running through the levels, but is less useful against bosses.

The Extended Action heavily relies on if your build allows you to launch into the air off of an enemy, as you can cast the Fist’s ground smash whilst in midair, allowing you to do a superhero landing that any Marvel hero would be proud of. 


One of the first Plague Weapons you’re likely to unlock, the Knife can still be an especially effective one if you’re good at parrying. The standard attack is a quickly cast stab that deals Claw damage in addition to normal damage, meaning you’ll not only hurt your foes, but guarantee that the health won’t recover if you don’t capitalise on the damage fast enough.

Where the Knife really comes in handy is with the Extended Action, which allows you to cast it after a successful parry to do an even quicker stab attack. The speed of the cast allows great versatility in your playstyle, making it a deadly addition to your arsenal if you prefer to face an enemy’s attack head-on as opposed to dodging.



allows you a small window to reposition for a follow-up attack or to recover some health, making a solid trade off. With excess damage erupting from the point of impact, the Hammer is also a good choice when facing groups of enemies, allowing you to chip away at their health whilst also subduing one of them for a short period of time.

The Hammer’s Extended Action causes you to spin several times with the Hammer, dealing damage to all you hit, before bringing it down with the crushing smash.


The Halberd has a quick attack time that covers a great distance, which makes it a great option to close the space between you and an opponent, or even just to begin an engagement. Dealing out three quick and consecutive jabs, with the final one staggering your opponent, you can follow up with a sabre and Claw combo to maximise your damage. Once upgraded, landing the third jab will grant you an “Offensive” buff that stacks, increasing your damage output. 

The Extended Action allows you to do a spinning sweep attack which hurls your foes backwards, making it an effective crowd-control tool when facing multiple enemies as well.

Flying Daggers

Flying Daggers

The Flying Daggers Plague Weapon is another effective tool for both parry-heavy players and those who prefer a more agile offense. Every time you cast it, you gain a stack of the “Flying Daggers” buff, which allows you to dodge when performing a Feather Attack to interrupt an enemy’s unblockable Critical Attack. The level of movement this gives you will allow you to reposition for a follow-up attack once you interrupt the Critical Attack, or back away far enough to recover health if needed.

The Extended Action allows you to throw out all of your stored Flying Daggers at an enemy over range, knocking your opponent thoroughly back without having to get up close and personal. This will allow you to finish off foes with low health, or make a quick escape if you have to.

Honourable Mention - Blood Storm

Blood Storm is an interesting choice for a Plague Weapon, because although it is incredibly useful, the lack of offensive capabilities means you’ll have to go all-in on your sabre and Claw, as well as any extra one-use Plague Weapons you might reave from the enemies you face. Blood Storm allows you to convert the energy you’d usually use for casting your Plague Weapon attacks into a nice recoup of 200 health. If you’ve allocated your Talents to recover energy through your various attacks, Blood Storm will effectively allow you to heal after most fights, letting you save your healing potions for more testing fights or bosses if need be.

Though all Plague Weapons have their own specific uses, it’s always good to test them out to see how well each one complements your build. With the amount of options you have in Thymesia, it won’t be long until you find your own death-dealing instrument of choice.

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