Tired of Christmas? Best Games to Forget the Holidays

Tired of Christmas? Best Games to Forget the Holidays

By  Dylan Pamintuan - 15th Dec 2023

The holidays aren’t always jolly for some, so why not play some less-than-festive games?

Tired of Christmas? Best Games to Forget the Holidays

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year for most people. The keyword there is “most”. Let’s be honest: not everyone is into the massive corporatisation, being forced to spend time with family you barely know, and Mariah Carey blaring out from anything that can make a sound. So why not escape the clutches of Santa and buy some new games to forget the holidays?

Magicka 2

Conjure the elements, cast devastating spells, accidentally murder your friends and revive them on a quest to save the world in this co-op (with the vaguest definition of co-op) with the help of your totally-not-a-vampire guide, Vlad.

Resident Evil 4 (2023)

Hey, why not play a horror game more appropriate for Halloween? Experience one of the all-time greatest horror games remade for modern times, playing as Leon S. Kennedy as he fights through hordes of infected to save the president’s daughter. If you haven’t really played a version of Resident Evil 4, you are sorely missing out.

House Flipper

Take a break from the action and unleash your inner interior decorator by becoming a house flipper, transforming rundown shacks and murder scenes into beautiful spaces for families, newly-weds, and doomsday preppers to occupy… or take for yourself.

Risk of Rain 2

This roguelike shooter tasks you with going as long as you can against an overwhelming and increasingly difficult horde of aliens, slowly turning the relatively normal cast of characters you play into unstoppable killing machines. When the difficulty goes up to nothing but “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” on repeat, that’s a sign you’re either screwed or unable to die.

A Little to the Left

It’s Organisation: The Game. Your goal is to simply put objects in the most eye-catching and pleasing places all around your house, although your mischievous cat might get in the way. Solve over 75 unique logical puzzles that will both tease your brain and satisfy you when you figure it out.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Play a role playing game with guns… in a role playing game with guns. Create a character and dive into the insane mind of Tiny Tina as you loot and shoot your way through her Wonderlands, full of Borderlands’ trademark humour with and billions of different guns to use.

Shadows of Doubt

It may be cold and snowy, but there’s nothing festive in this cyberpunk detective noir simulator. There’s a new serial killer every other day and it’s your job to solve the case… that is, until you make enough money to retire. Nothing is what it seems and you’re gonna have to do some shady stuff to bring justice to procedurally generated cities.

Cook, Serve, Delicious

Master your keyboard and refine your multitasking skills in this fast-paced restaurant simulator that is somehow set in the post-apocalypse. Flush the toilet, serve ice cream, stop robbers, flush the toilet again, clean dishes, serve wine, cook lasagna, flu- there’s a lot you have to manage all at once. And hey, the entire trilogy is on sale right now for a steal so why not get it?

Ready or Not

A spiritual successor to SWAT 4, take control of a SWAT officer and bring order to chaos in this tactical FPS. Treating this game as just another shooter will just get you killed and not everything is home invasions and terrorist plots.

Like A Dragon: Ishin!

In a remake of a previously Japanese-exclusive game, turn back the clock back to the Meiji Restoration and play through the story of Sakamoto Ryōma and his quest for justice, featuring plenty of familiar characters playing vastly different roles. Fight through the streets of Kyo using four different fighting styles and distract yourself with tons of side quests and minigames.

Now, now, these games may seem completely random, but that’s the nature of games. Games can be a form of escapism, where you can forget about your worries and dive into a new world full of possibility. The holiday season may not be for everyone, but games are and you can find plenty of them here to buy on Fanatical.

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