Top 5 Platformers games to Play on the Steam Deck

Top 5 Platformers games to Play on the Steam Deck

By  Mike Crewe - 21st Apr 2022

There’s something magical about platformers on a handheld.

Top 5 Platformers games to Play on the Steam Deck

Do you know what’s better than sitting down in front of your PC after a long day of work and firing up some great platform games? Doing exactly that, but in bed. With the Steam Deck out now there’s never been a better way to play some of your favourite titles whilst being horizontal. Here are five of the best platformers that are a perfect fit for the Steam Deck.

#1 - Sonic Generations Collection

Sonic has had a rough time since his transition to 3D. Thankfully, Sonic Generations combines the high-speed thrills of the more modern titles with the classic 90’s platformers we all fell in love with. Play as two versions of Sonic as they attempt to once again defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik in a game that will surely satisfy those of you looking for that hit of nostalgia.

#2 - Yooka-Laylee

A throwback to classic platformers, Yooka-Laylee is essentially the modern Banjo-Kazooie game we never got. Yooka-Laylee is a slick 3D platformer with many similarities to the classic N64 titles (not too surprising when you consider the fact that Playtonic Games is a developer almost entirely made up of ex-Rare members), and features some gorgeous level design. As a bonus game, the sequel — Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair — changes things up as a 2D platformer, and is just as fun to play!


A puzzle-platformer from Playdead — the team that brought us LIMBO INSIDE is a must play if you haven’t already experienced this dark and eerie adventure. Take control of a young boy on the run from a mysterious organisation hunting him throughout a dystopian world, avoiding capture and oftentimes death. With intense scenes and an unforgettable final act, INSIDE is absolutely worth checking out.

#4 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

Anyone lucky enough to remember the SEGA Master System will almost certainly have played Alex Kidd in Miracle World. But you may not have realised that the 1986 title has a remake! And what a remake it is, featuring crisp new graphics, additional modes, and even an option to play the original game in “Nostalgia Mode”. There's even the option to have infinite lives, for those of us that could never complete the original game.

#5 - Psychonauts

Perhaps saving the best until last, Psychonauts is a phenomenal platformer that everyone should play! Created by Double Fine Productions, this mind-bending journey sees our hero Raz wielding an arsenal of psychic abilities whilst exploring the surreal and imaginative minds of various characters as you uncover their deepest, darkest secrets. The writing is so good and the humour never misses the mark, you’re honestly missing out on one of the all time great platformers if you pass up Psychonauts.

There we have it! Five fantastic platform games that are not only brilliant, but are also playable on the Steam Deck!

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