Total War: WARHAMMER III: Everything you need to know

Total War: WARHAMMER III: Everything you need to know

By  Guest - 12th Nov 2021

Get the latest news on SEGA's anticipated action strategy

Total War: WARHAMMER III: Everything you need to know

Total War: WARHAMMER III is almost upon it, and with it comes a cacophony of things you need to know to get into the series.

SEGA and Creative Assembly's new action strategy prompts you to answer one question on your quest... Will you conquer your daemons? Or command them!

If you've been looking to find out more ahead of the game's launch in 2022, don’t fret, for we are here to tell you exactly what you need to know.

What is Total War: WARHAMMER III exactly?

What is Total War: WARHAMMER III exactly?

So, Total War: WARHAMMER III is the third installment in the Total War: WARHAMMER series (obviously), and is a turn-based strategy game that uses real-time tactics. You move armies around a massive map and manage your settlement as you attempt to be the faction that comes out on top.

Everything in Total War: WARHAMMER III will take place within the Realm of Chaos, the source of all magic in this mythical world.

Anything I need to know about customization or multiplayer?

Anything I need to know about customization or multiplayer?

At launch there’ll be an online multiplayer mode, plus anybody who owns the first two games will be able to play as those races in these modes. There’s also a custom battle option in which you design and create your own real-time battles and watch them play out to your desires.

You can really go all out with bloodshed or test out tactics that you simply wouldn’t be able to test to your satisfaction in the traditional modes.

Tell me about the playable races of Total War: WARHAMMER III

Tell me about the playable races of Total War: WARHAMMER III

I thought you’d never ask. So, you have the choice of six different playable races in Total War: WARHAMMER III. First off we have the Khorne, a warmongering brutal race with one goal: destruction.

Strength and skill matter most to Khorne, but he also has more positive aspects: honor and courage in battle. Continuing to fight battles aids replenishment for all armies. Once a Khorne player wins enough battles, a secondary army is spawned - whatever the secondary army gains from battles will be added to the player's treasury.

They have one confirmed faction, Exiles of Khorne, led by Skarbrand.

Next up, we have the Nurgle, the oldest faction in this world and a Dark God of disease of decay. They’ll create disease and famine, so watch out for symptoms or watch it all crumble before you. Spreading corruption is easier and quicker for Nurgle factions over the other Chaos factions.

Plagues naturally spread corruption, can be upgraded to spread more, and various characters and buildings have big boosts to spreading as well. This means quicker manifestation unlocks and more cults globally.

The Nurgle's Chosen is its solo faction, led by Ku'gath Plaguefather.

Slaanesh are an obsessive and excess based faction that controls the forces of hell and is able to influence a mass of people at once. While its faction is unknown at present, we do know that it is led by Legendary Lord N'Kari.

Kislev are the equivalent to Russia in the world of Warhammer, a warrior race ruled by Tsarina Katarin Bokha. In battle, Kislev has many hybrid melee/ranged units, strong cavalry, and many bear units.

This race has two playable factions - The Ice Court and The Great Orthodoxy - each with its own starting position, and led by separate Legendary Lords.

The Chaos God at the helm of the Tzeentch race is known being a liar and an expert at twisting the truth to make you a pawn, spreading 'Tzeentch corruption'. Another unique ability to this race is having specific control of the winds of magic.

Unlocked through the tech tree, Chaos God Tzeentch and his armies can go into the Teleport stance. This costs Winds of Magic reserve power to adopt but is exceptionally powerful.

Not only does it allow crossing of impassable terrain, it also instantly triggers an ambush battle should you target an enemy army. Kairos Fateweaver leads the solo faction, Oracles of Tzeentch.

The Grand Cathay is the largest human empire in Warhammer, ruled over by the Celestial Dragon Emperor and with a huge army. They are staunch opponents of Chaos, but their location in the Far East makes them very isolated.

Their two playable factions are The Northern Provinces, led by Miao Ying, and The Western Provinces, led by Zhao Ming. On the campaign map, Grand Cathay must use the incredible wealth of the Ivory Road to fund their war effort and defense of the Grand Bastion, the invincible walled fortress that borders the Chaos Wastes to their North.

When can I play Total War: WARHAMMER III

When can I play Total War: WARHAMMER III

Total War: WARHAMMER III will release on February 17th, 2022 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

Pre-purchase your key now to embark on campaigns of fury and feasting as the Ogre Kingdoms. This Race Pack introduces two new Legendary Lords, new agents and units, plus a host of race-specific features and mechanics.

Grab your officially licensed Total War: WARHAMMER III Steam PC key from Fanatical now ahead of launch and get the free Race Pack as a digital bonus!

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