V Rising 10 Tips & Tricks

V Rising 10 Tips & Tricks

By  William Brett - 10th May 2023

Tips & Tricks from O- to AB+

V Rising 10 Tips & Tricks

V Rising is a survival title in which you will take control of a vampire that awakens after centuries of slumber. Raze Hell on the mortals that hurt your kind aeons ago and force them to bow to your will, but first, make sure you check out these top 10 tips & tricks to ensure that you are the best vampire overlord you can be! Starting with…

#1 — Gather lots of materials

Being a vampire, especially a lonesome one, is an arduous task. No one to cook, no one to clean, and no one to gather masses of materials to build your castle as a symbol of your power and eternity. Oh, the humanity!

V Rising has a lot of materials that you will have to gather in order to advance, and none of them are useless — from bones to thread and blood, everything has a purpose of advancing your levels and skill. You can never have too much of anything!

#2 — Don't play PvP first

Before you head on out to try to kill legions of vampires on a quest to prove you are the new Dracula, you should first make an effort to master all of the normal, mortal foes that V Rising has in store for you. There are plenty of wolves, bandits, and even magical creatures waiting out there to be slain by you that will give you new expertise.

Even if you enjoy PvP, I'd still suggest taking your quest slow and getting accustomed to various elements of the gameplay and combat before you take on covens of vampires on your lonesome. There is little more infuriating than trying to gather materials to get a fighting chance only to suffer the wrath of two strolling vampires.

#3 — Gather in the day, hunt at night

Vampires have many weaknesses — wooden stakes, running water, silver, a compulsive need to count things... but perhaps the worst of them all is none other than our favourite star, the Sun. Make sure there is always a shadow to stick around and hide under, as good ol' Sol will ensure that you get more than just a tan.

That said, although the Sun is quite deadly, it isn't as constricting of a mechanic as you might think, and I'd actually advise taking advantage of the daytime to gather resources — using strategically cast shadows from the very resources you are gathering, you can survive the burning quite easily. This will ensure that you can make the best of the night to fight your enemies, as that is when you are the strongest.

#4 — Follow the quest

V Rising introduces you to its myriad of mechanics via a quest system in the top-left corner of your screen that helps you get accustomed to the gameplay and gives you a bit of guidance on what you need to do next. This isn't just an optional suggestion but rather encouragement to explore and advance your legacy.

Shortly put, you are always better off following the quest, as it is oftentimes the most straightforward way to ensure that you are advancing towards an ultimate goal without straying or feeling lost and purposeless.

#5 — Kill the V Blood units and use their unlocks

Once you've followed the quest for a bit, you will unlock the capability to sniff out V Blood units — these boss-like creatures are the main progression that V Rising offers, as they will not only unlock various crafting options but abilities as well that will allow you to take on heavier hitters.

These must smell rather strongly, as your vampire can track them from anywhere in the world and following them is relatively easy. Make sure you are trying to take advantage of as many nights as you can to hunt down the V Blood units and advancing at a steady and continuous pace. While you hunt for them, you might as well…

#6 — Kill everyone

This is pretty much a given for any self-respecting vampire, but killing everyone in the vicinity is not only fun (because it's entertaining to kill basically any enemy in the game), but it is also beneficial to your time and efforts.

As mentioned before, there is not a single resource in V Rising that doesn't have a purpose, and that is part of its charm — it filled me with youthful wonder every time I got an item. From thousands of stone and wood you'll need to raise your castle to bones and cloth you'll need to raze your foes, it's always a better idea to have more of anything than less in V Rising.

#7 — Keep an eye on the time

Getting distracted going on a frenzied killing spree is like a knock-knock joke in V Rising — you hear the knock, and suddenly, the Sun is beaming down, you're cornered in the shadows, and you're desperately fighting for dear life. This happens to me strangely often with knock-knock jokes.

Jokes aside, make sure you are keeping at least one eye fixed on the time and you know exactly how long it's going to take you to get back to your castle from your current position. Although, as mentioned before, Sol isn't as dangerous as it could be, that doesn't mean that you'll want to be caught off-guard in the middle of the day without any shelter or safety.

#8 — A blood type for every occasion

There are a total of seven blood types across V Rising that you will come across, each of which includes its own set of benefits depending on the quality of blood from those you sucked it out of. From frail to brute, there are great ways to use just about all of the bloods in the game with purpose.

Learn the implications for each type of blood and use them accordingly to see the most benefit. Use worker blood to increase resource gains, use brute blood to fight back, and use frail blood for... well, when you're in a pinch and are parched. That's really its only use.

#9 — Blood moons can help arduous battles

V Rising has a steady difficulty curve that you will be facing, and as you slowly ascend and deal with tougher enemies, you will find that some of them prove to be a hurdle between you and your next progression point.

Blood moons may be a rare and random occurrence, but it's always a good idea to be prepared to take advantage of them. Keep your target marked, ensure you have some of your tools at the ready, and then head on out to fight them once the skies are painted red — this will surely help you gain the upper hand against some of the tougher opponents.

#10 — Have fun!

At the end of it all, what matters most is what you want to make V Rising out to be. The various customisation options make this one of the most accessible and enjoyable titles to just mess around with and try different runs.

If you're struggling too much because enemies are doing too much damage, then reduce their damage and increase yours! If you want to make the combat more difficult and ensure that you need to perform expertly to defeat those pesky mortals, then crank up the difficulty fivefold and watch their damage increase! Want to be destroyed by the Sun? Increase the damage to the maximum and see how much you'll regret it! 

There are very few games that let you modify and experiment so much with its settings, so make sure you make the most of it and just have fun. After all, the worst that can happen is that you learn and tweak things a little bit more for your next run!

There you have it, 10 tips & tricks to make sure that you are the closest to Dracula you can be as you start your journey across V Rising! Just remember: silver hurts, garlic hurts, the Sun hurts, holy water hurts, wooden stakes hurt... why did we even want to be vampires again?

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