V Rising's Super Ultrawide Compatibility

V Rising's Super Ultrawide Compatibility

By  William Brett - 19th May 2023

I don’t judge if you only have the normal ultrawide — I just like everything EXTRA!

V Rising's Super Ultrawide Compatibility

We super ultrawide fans have to stick together and help one another find out which games are compatible and don't have you jumping through hoops to make it so. To make it easy for the rest of you, I’ve decided to lend you a hand if you're thinking about picking up V Rising, the phenomenal open-world survival title!

Starting off, the main menu gave me a bit of a heart attack — the black bars at the sides usually mean the game won't work very well on a full ultrawide ratio. Thankfully, once I got into the character creation screen, everything fit well and was spaced out nicely. You get a nice view of the background, your character's head isn't chopped out, and you can comfortably see the whole menu.

The compatibility only gets better when you enter the server, as the HUD fits comfortably within the ratio, and every menu is easy to navigate, properly visible, and works well! From building to tracking bosses and choosing abilities — the 32:9 ratio just shines!

Aside from the menus and elements working well, the world looks fantastic! I really loved being able to see a huge chunk of the house I made with my wife, and during combat, it made it easy to keep tabs on the position of the enemies to dominate the battleground easier. It also helped enormously with finding resources, although it did me no favours with keeping me focused — it's hard not to lose track of what you're doing and get lost following all manner of rocks, plants, and enemies when you can see a whole chunk of the world!

All in all, I am enormously pleased with how smoothly my experience was with V Rising at the 32:9 ratio. I didn't even have to tinker with the game's display settings at all — I just booted it and played.

I hope you’re as excited to jump into V Rising’s beautifully gloomy world with your own ultrawide as I was! These monitors only make games even better.

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