Valorant alpha gameplay - The 'CS:GO meets Overwatch' from Riot Games

Valorant alpha gameplay - The 'CS:GO meets Overwatch' from Riot Games

By  Sam Jones - 2nd Mar 2020

Early footage of upcoming 5v5 tactical shooter

Valorant alpha gameplay - The 'CS:GO meets Overwatch' from Riot Games

PAX East may have been a let down due to a variety of companies deciding to stay home because of the worldwide Coronavirus concerns, but one developer/publisher used the weekend as the perfect opportunity to unveil footage of its upcoming game.

Riot Games, the company behind the hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, revealed details of its new 5v5 FPS game called Valorant, which is already been described as a 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive meets Overwatch' mash-up. Riot has described the game as a more 'character-based tactical shooter' than some conventional first-person shooters, hence the CS:GO and Overwatch reference.

Each of the eight Heroes confirmed so far have 'hypernatural powers' and players will be able to purchase two abilities when going into battle (like purchasing grenades in CS:GO) - as well as charging up an 'ultimate ability' over a set period of time.

After posting the gameplay video on YouTube, Riot said: "This alpha gameplay footage was captured from an internal developer playtest - pardon the video quality, we hope you appreciate the gameplay. If you like what you see (or hear), come play in Summer 2020."

So, it sounds like we can expect either the full release or next stage (beta tests) in Summer 2020 window - let's hope that we've got another competitive FPS title on our hands, one that will most likely appeal to the esports side of the industry.

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