Watch modder break out of P.T. house and explore Silent Hills' streets

Watch modder break out of P.T. house and explore Silent Hills' streets

By  Sam Jones - 2nd Jan 2020

Over 11 minutes of eerie footage beyond the walls of the horror demo

Watch modder break out of P.T. house and explore Silent Hills' streets

Many would agree that P.T. (Silent Hills) being cancelled was one of the biggest mistakes of the last decade in gaming - and by the look of things in a recent mod, we've missed out on a very eerie experience.

After the split between Hideo Kojima and Konami, the fate of this promising survival horror game was all but decided - it would be nothing more than a exhilarating demo with a brief cameo from would-be protagonist actor Norman Reeds, who eventually went on to star in Kojima's Death Stranding. However, one modder has recently broadened our horizons with P.T. by escaping the confined spooky corridors haunted by 'Lisa' and exploring the streets of Silent Hills.

The footage, which can be viewed below, shows how Lance McDonald modded the P.T. demo - which is now over five years old, would you believe - by linking the starting room with the environment seen at the end of the demo, via a map file. Of course, with a mod or file alterations, there are bugs and errors that can occur, primarily in the shape of falling through the map where players were not supposed to visit.

Fortunately, McDonald found away around this and managed to give us a good glimpse at the world in which P.T./Silent Hills would be set. There are no monsters roaming these streets, but the footage is still pretty eerie and puts you on edge. As well as the 'falling Lisa' jump scare which occurs when players fall through the map - probably put in place to prevent players from 'accidentally' leaving the house - McDonald also had the unfortunate privilege of bumping into her while capturing footage from various angles in the map... rather him than us!

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