Weird West: Breakdown of Each Characters Abilities

Weird West: Breakdown of Each Characters Abilities

By  Mike Crewe - 7th Apr 2022

Want to know the breakdown of each characters & their abilities for Weird West?

Weird West: Breakdown of Each Characters Abilities

Like previous games worked on by Wolfeye Studios’ head honchos (such as Dishonored and Prey), Weird West boasts a variety of ways to play and abilities to suit any playstyle. Each of the five playable characters have their own unique set of four skills. But are they useful enough to purchase? Well, let’s find out.

1. The Bounty Hunter

1. The Bounty Hunter

Our first hero, Jane Bell, is best played as a ranged fighter, with her abilities allowing her to repel anyone that gets too close.

  • Shrapnel Mine

An explosive that’s triggered on contact, this trap can stop enemies from flanking you, or be used in a pinch if you’re spotted and need to make a quick getaway.

  • Quick Thinker

Slows down time for others whilst giving you a speed boost. Combined with Shrapnel Mine this makes for a fast escape whilst staying on the offensive.

  • Charm

Turns enemies into allies for a short period of time, making them useful bullet sponges. Charming multiple foes can end a fight quickly, just make sure you’re ready for when the effect wears off!

  • Roundhouse Kick

Gives your melee attack an extra boost of damage. Handy if your shotgun has run dry, but easily the weakest of Jane’s four abilities.

2. The Pigman

2. The Pigman

Next up is The Pigman, a character best suited for melee combat. You can’t really go wrong with any of these abilities, so it’s really down to which sounds most appealing.

  • Unstoppable Charge

Quickly close the distance and take the fight to your enemies, dealing damage and stunning anyone that gets in the way of this attack.

  • Rubber Skin

Bullets are no match for your hardened skin, bouncing off to damage nearby adversaries. Perfect if stealth isn’t your thing. Just be careful to avoid explosive barrels.

  • Putrid Cloud

Leaves a trail of poisonous smog wherever you stand and has a lasting effect on those who touch it. Also works great to aid an escape.

  • Shockwave

Hit the ground and stun enemies that surround you with this area-of-effect attack. Similar to Unstoppable Charge, but only useful if you’re surrounded.

3. The Protector

3. The Protector

Act III’s character, Across Rivers, plays like a hybrid of a mage/thief build, with some incredibly powerful abilities in his arsenal.

  • Western Wind

Easily Across Rivers’ best ability, summon a tornado to hurl people and objects across the map. This doubles its effectiveness if it absorbs elements such as fire whilst on its path of destruction.

  • Cousin Bear

Quite simply, it’s a phantom bear that deals a lot of damage whilst allowing you to remain undetected. One of the best abilities in the game for stealthy killers.

  • Thunderbird Strike

The only ability not available from the offset, this attack summons a lightning strike where you’re standing to cause some serious harm to anyone too close.

  • Surefooted

Letting you move around without making a sound may sound promising, but stealth aficionados will no doubt find it redundant due to good use of cover and the infinitely superior Cousin Bear.

4. The Werewolf

4. The Werewolf

Not counting the ability to transform into a werewolf, our fourth character has some brilliant defensive abilities to repel enemies.

  • Yeb’s Invisibility

Allows you and your allies to become invisible for a few seconds. Great for sneaking into somewhere to steal some valuables.

  • Inun’s Healing

Despite a small area of effect, this ability replenishes a lot of health over its 10 seconds and will save your allies on numerous occasions.

  • Yeb’s Fire

Surrounds The Werewolf with a ring of fire that burns anything it touches, including innocents, so be careful!

  • Inun’s Strength

Boosts armour by 20% for anyone in proximity. Great if you play with allies; not so much if you prefer to go it alone.

5. The Oneirist

5. The Oneirist

The final character, The Oneirist is a great magic user with some seriously powerful abilities.

  • Shift

Similar to Dishonored’s Blink mechanic, this teleports you forward whilst also stunning anyone in your path. Useful for stealth and combat, make this one your first unlock!

  • Astral Projection

Summon a replica to draw attention away from yourself whilst becoming invisible; great for escaping, flanking, or double teaming!

  • Spirit Ward

Projectile damage will be converted into health when this ability is activated and is a must for those who prefer a non-sneaky approach to the missions.

  • Summon Wisps

Conjure three lightning wisps that act as ethereal heat-seeking missiles. Enemies that survive will be left shocked, allowing you to swoop in for the kill!

We hope these help you with the progress in your game.

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