What Are the Different Editions for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

What Are the Different Editions for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

By  Luz Victoria - 10th Apr 2022

Need help understanding the different editions for High Isle and which is the most suitable one for you? Look no further!

What Are the Different Editions for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

We've explored Morrowind, the former home of the Dwemer and Chimer; the neutral lands of Elsweyr; and the native land of the Altmer, the Summerset Isles. Now, it's time to venture off into uncharted lands, as Elder Scrolls Online will take players on a journey across the High Isles with its latest Chapter release.

Before we get to explore, however, we must first make a decision on which edition of the game will be best for us to purchase, as Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle has numerous editions to choose from.

Although there are technically only two editions to choose from — Standard and Collector's editions — you actually have four options, including the "Upgrade" versions of the two. 

The Standard Edition Upgrade is the edition for both long-time players as well as those that are new and want to experience High Isle as soon as possible. This edition offers the High Isle expansion exclusively, making it a great purchase for players that already own the other chapters and only want access to the latest one.

Alternatively, if you want a couple of more items for your money, you can purchase the Collector's Edition Upgrade, which offers High Isle, along with the five exclusive items to the Collector's Edition: the Amenos Ornaug mount, Balfiera Senche Cub, Ascendant Knight Outfit Style, Hoard of the Schemers Memento, and High Isle Emote Pack. And if that doesn't convince you just yet, purchasing this Collector's Edition offers all previous Collector's Edition rewards.

The Upgrade versions of High Isle are tempting enough (especially the Collector's Edition offering all prior rewards, something I've never heard of before!), but the Collection Edition is the perfect offer for new and returning players that haven't been around for some (or most) of the Chapters

Both Collection Editions (Standard and Collector's) offer all of the previous Elder Scrolls Online Chapters to date — this means that you get access to Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweyr, Greymoor, and Blackwood. There is no better entry pack for players eager to explore everything Elder Scrolls Online has to offer, as access to all of the previous five Chapters will allow you to catch up on the lore and better understand the world of Tamriel.

You can pre-order one of the four editions — the Standard Collection, the Standard Upgrade, the Collector's Edition Collection, or the Collector's Edition Upgrade — in the Fanatical store! If you want to learn what the pre-order bonus is, check out this article right here!

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